Chiropractic Success Story

Will Kessler

“My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Expressive Language Delay. I was concerned and heard Chiropractic could help. Since starting care, Will has more balance, he’s able to ride his scooter without falling, his language skills are better and he seems more alive. Thank you Dr. Emmy!”

My son, Will, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (more specifically, Sensory Modulation Disorder) and Expressive Language Delay when he was about 15 months old. He currently receives speech and occupational therapy, and at the age of 5, we put him on a diet free of
wheat/gluten and dairy. The diet helped, but I was still concerned about the way his body was moving. He seemed to lean to one side and his eyes didn’t seem symmetrical. I had heard that Chiropractic care could help kids with sensory issues, but I didn’t know.

When I first met Dr. Emmy Wang at Chiro One of Glenview, she took x-rays of Will’s bone structure and found that he had several areas of subluxation in his lower back and neck. We started treatment right away and within the first few weeks we noticed big changes.

My son had never been able to do “cross-overs”. A simple term for crossing your left elbow over to your right knee and touching it. We had tried for years to get Will to do this and it was impossible for him. Two weeks after starting treatment, he was doing crossovers! Everyone in the office was crying. We couldn’t believe we were seeing such dramatic results so quickly. It was amazing!

As treatment progressed, so did Will. He was able to balance on a balance board and catch balls at the same time during therapy. His eyes started looking more symmetrical and his gait improved dramatically. He started riding his bike without training wheels, and can now use his two-wheeled razor/scooter without falling. He started talking more clearly and his facial expressions improved. Will has had many different therapies, however, I’ve never seen such a dramatic change in such a short time than I have with Chiropractic.

The hardest part was Will’s reaction to the manipulation 5 weeks in. He started having extreme emotions and anger problems. Dr. Emmy explained that there were parts of his brain and body that need to catch up with the rest, and because we had opened up the central nervous system and sympathetic nervous system by getting rid of the subluxation, his body was starting to work better and feel more than it ever had before. It was very overwhelming for the parts of his brain that were still very weak. There were areas of his brain that are five years old and other areas that were still infantile. Babies have to crawl first and that’s exactly what his body was trying to do. Dr. Emmy was opening all the channels of his body and brain so they could function better together.

With proper diet, exercise, therapy and continued Chiropractic care, I know Will is on the way to a better life and a more connected one. He seems so much like other kids now. His language skills are getting better everyday, and he seems so much more alive. Dr. Emmy, Sonja, Mary and Kamal have made this possible and they’ve made my family and I feel so loved and so important. They did everything possible to help Will is his sessions. I have never in my life met such an amazing group of people. My son could never have made it through the three months of sessions if it wasn’t for them. It takes a lot to understand sensory kids, but they made is so easy for Will to be Will.

Thanks so much!

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