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Victoria Baum

Victoria Baum, chiropractic success storyMy name is Victoria Baum. I began chiropractic care, with Chiro One, due to back pain I suffered as the result of an auto accident. My constant pain was terrible. In fact, it affected every aspect of my life, including my work, sitting in a chair, driving, etc.. An activity I missed so much was exercising at the gym, however, this was no longer possible for me. As a clinical therapist, I had heard clients speak of seeing chiropractors and wondered how useful it really was. Since beginning my chiropractic care with Chiro One, my progress has been significant. In fact, I was able to get back into the gym to work out, in a relatively short period of time! Not only is my back better, I have noticed that I feel better, both emotionally and physically. I am so convinced of the overall benefits of chiropractic care, I now have my son (a high school athlete), my husband, (who travels a lot), both in treatment with me and recommend it to some of my clients, for their optimal well being, stress reliever, etc., as well. Thank you, all, for all the help, your personal approach and showing you really care about all of us and everyone of your patients! You have made me a believer!

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