Chiropractic Success Story

Theo Schroeder

“Since getting adjusted at the clinic, I no longer walk with a cane and I’m no longer slumped over. I’m no longer in unbearable pain and I’ve been set free to live a normal life!"

My name is Theo Schroeder. I met Dr. Chris Mansolf and Dr. Cori Bauer at Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Chiros Care Free Clinic they have each month at Inspiration Corporation. I was hit by an SUV while riding a mountain bike a few years ago that caused Arachnoiditis (a pain disorder caused by the inflammation of the arachnoid, one of the membranes that surround and protect the nerves of the spinal cord) which caused
stiffness in every part of my body. I was in constant pain and couldn’t do my regular activities with my family or play with my son. I had to use a cane to get around and I was slumped over when I walked. I also was sick a lot and in and out of the hospital.

I had never tried chiropractic before and was doubtful that it would be effective. I started coming to the Chiros Care Free Clinic in September, and after just 2 visits, I’ve seen dramatic changes and it has motivated me to seek more assistance.

Chiro One is the heart of internal healing and the pulse of life for the future. My son recently experienced a life threatening illness and because of Chiro One, I can handle it. I feel in my heart that God brought me here to make me strong so that I can take care of my family and be there for my son.

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