Chiropractic Success Story

Steve Lemieux-Jordan

Steve Lemieux Jordan, Chiro One patientMy name is Steve Lemieux-Jordan. About 6 years ago, I injured my spine, which resulted in three herniated discs in my lower back. The injury was due to the fact that I had, inadvertently, tipped my 450 lb. motorcycle over. Without thinking, I grabbed the bike and hauled it upright again. Over the next few hours the pain in my back grew and by morning it was excruciating. By the end of the week, I was suffering from sciatica to the point of having to walk with a cane. This continued for weeks, with several visits to “regular” doctors who treated me in all sorts of ways, none of which alleviated the sciatica. Then one fateful day, I walked (make that hobbled) into the office of Doc B. Within 6 weeks, I was able to walk without the cane. Within another month or so I was virtually pain free and was even able to carry my daughter on my shoulders!

Fast forward to about three weeks ago. Different motorcycle, same dimwitted moment of lost concentration and the bike tips over. Once again, I compound my injury by grabbing the 500 lb. bike and hauling it upright again. Within minutes I could feel that familiar pain in my lower back. This time, however, I wasted no time and visited our favorite chiropractic office. Dr. Ashlin was able to relieve the majority of the pain and advised me to rest and ice my back. Once again I came into the office twice a day and could feel the benefits and had no pain within a week. Now, after using the “Wobbly-Chair” in the office and stretching with one of those big balls at home, I am happy to report that I am once again 99.999999% pain free!

As we go through life we are presented with lessons, that we either learn from or not. Over time, we are presented with the same lessons, until we do learn. The lessons I have learned over the last couple of weeks are 1) Do not, for one second, lose concentration when operating my motorcycle, and 2) Chiropractic care is probably the most effective form of treatment ever devised.

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