Chiropractic Success Story

Shelby Henricksen

Shelby Henricksen, chiropractic success storyMy name is Shelby Henriksen. The reason I began Chiropractic Care is because I was constantly uncomfortable and in pain. I couldn’t stand or go shopping for longer than 45min. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t turn my head at all. That changed everything from talking to people to playing college volleyball at Loyola which is a huge part of my life. My past experience with Chiropractic is that visits take too long and it was very expensive. They would do deep tissue massage every visit before my correction, which was very painful and didn’t help.

Since I’ve started care here I am no longer in pain at all! I am not uncomfortable standing or shopping for a long time anymore. No longer are my volleyball skills deteriorating, but they have improved immensely because my range of motion is so much better and my spine is aligned. I have worked a lot harder on my posture because it isn’t painful to hold my shoulders back. My “winged” shoulder blades are becoming invisible and I no longer look like a hunch back. I found the office on the internet, I was very lucky! Everyone is very friendly and helpful all the time! I am always greeted with smiling faces and a happy atmosphere.

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