Chiropractic Success Story

Rommie and Alice Flannigan

Rommie and Alice Flannigan - chiropractic success storyOur names are Rommie and Alice Flannigan. We began Chiropractic Care ten years ago shortly after meeting Dr. Bernsen at a community outreach kiosk at the Sam’s Club store in Evanston. Though skeptical that Dr. Bernsen could reverse my scoliosis, we took him up on his offer of free x-rays and the promise of an affordable family treatment plan.
At the time, my husband had neck and shoulder problems. I was experiencing extreme headaches and allergy symptoms. I had chronic neck and back pain, digestion problems, and bacterial infections. It was not unusual for me to dislocate a rib whenever I sneezed or coughed.

Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Bernsen, I had been to a chiropractor. The doctor temporarily relieved my pain but did not suggest an ongoing treatment plan for my overall symptoms of scoliosis. As a result, I stopped treatment and returned to pain medications for relief.

The chiropractic care we have been receiving at Chiro One has made a profound difference in our lives; but it has not been easy or painless. Although the road to health is taking longer than we ever thought, the investment in time and money has been rewarding. My husband’s neck and shoulder problems are much better, while I have gained better posture, healthier skin, improved digestion, control of allergies, and elimination of headaches and chronic pain.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Chiro One we are learning how to maintain a healthy body.

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