Chiropractic Success Story

Paul Eisterhold

Paul Eisterhold, chiropractic success storyMy name is Paul Eisterhold. I began Chiropractic Care from a fall, I had bounced on my tail bone several times and I could not stand up straight at all and had a great deal of pain. I could barely walk into the office. It was so bad that working at my desk was difficult, I could not get much sleep at night and I could not find comfortable positions to stand sit or lay.

In the past I had used a naprapath for a couple of treatments when I needed tail bone help. The treatments were helpful for my trauma but did not uncover my upper spine degeneration or the “out of alignment” that my spine was in. Since I started care, my upper spine has improved disc spacing, the curvature of my neck has improved and my posture has improved. I have progressed from treatments 3 times a week now to 1 time a week. I now have a better understanding as to actions that can cause trauma in my everyday life and thus are more careful. Also I sleep much better at night. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and can adapt their methods used to address the various needs, body types and maladies of all the patients.

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