Chiropractic Success Story

Pam Harrington

Pam Harrington, chiropractic success storyMy name is Pam Harrington. I started Chiropractic Care because of frequent migraines and shoulder pain with numbness. I was suffering from migraines every week. At its worst I would be in bed for days on pain medication. I also had high blood pressure hovered at approximately 140/97, sometimes it would get at high as 160/105, even though I was on 100mg of Toprol. I had never considered Chiropractic until I saw an ad for the office.

In the past with other treatments the physicians didn’t seriously address the pains I had. I was given medication for my blood pressure and migraines. Since starting care the frequency and intensity of my migraines have been drastically reduced. In fact, it has been almost 4 months since my last migraine. I no longer take Toprol. My blood pressure has dropped significantly, sometimes it gets as low as 117/78. I have also noticed that the shoulder pain is gone and after a year of care the numbness along my spine is gone and the sensation has returned! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help in anyway they can. It is always a pleasure to come into the office and see smiling faces.

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