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Maria Fisher and Family

Ricki Angelus, chiropractic success story“My husband and I have been blessed with five healthy and active children. As a family, we are constantly on the go.
The health of our family is extremely important, however, I was ignoring my own well-being. I suffered excruciating headaches, but now that I’ve found chiropractic, I rarely have a headache and chiropractic has helped my kids overcome their health challenges as well.”

Ever since I was a child I suffered from headaches. I took pain relievers to get through the day. Unfortunately, the frequency and intensity of the headaches worsened until I was eventually suffering on a regular basis from migraines. The pain sometimes lasted up to three weeks.

Another symptom I had been dealing with for over five years was numbness in both arms. This situation was creating great difficulty, in particular it affected my ability to write, drive, talk on the phone, and brush my teeth. My sleeping, too, was being interrupted nightly. What convinced me to finally seek help was when I spent four continuous hours one night trying to alleviate the numbness in my right arm so that I could sleep. It was at that point, out of desperation, that Chiro One and Dr. Nick Kuennen came into my life.

I was extremely hesitant; however, I knew I had to do something. I was not interested in being medicated, nor did I believe I needed surgery. I took a leap of faith, visited Chiro One, and followed Dr. Nick’s treatment plan. Now, three months into chiropractic care, I feel as though I’ve been given another chance to enjoy each day without the cloud of pain encircling me. It is now rare that I have a headache, much less a migraine. My arms rarely feel a bit of tingle and I’m now able to write, type, drive, eat, brush my teeth and comb our daughter’s hair without the numbness. It’s such a relief to be able to sleep
through the night!

Our children are now under Dr. Nick’s care as well. Our youngest daughter suffered from headaches and since her treatments began, her headaches have subsided.

Our youngest son continually suffered from allergies. His nose was often stuffy, he had bloody noses for no apparent reason, and, at age seven, his snoring kept us all awake. We had been told by a doctor that he has thin blood vessel walls in his nose which caused nosebleeds. Now, under Dr. Nick’s care, our son has not had any nose bleeds and he sleeps much more quietly.

Finally, our middle son was haunted regularly with nightmares. His sleep was constantly interrupted and it was difficult for him to wake in the morning. While he is not yet symptom-free he has made great progress under care and we’re hopeful that soon he will be cured.

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