Chiropractic Success Story

John Ewers

Ricki Angelus, chiropractic success story"I’m a firefighter and Chiropractic has helped with my lower back pain. I used to wake up every morning in pain, but since starting care at Chiro One of Flossmoor, I no longer have to live with back pain and I sleep much better and I function better."

My name is John Ewers. I have lower back pain and used to wake up every morning with it and just had to just deal with it. I’ve been to a chiropractor before but had never heard the word ‘subluxation’. I didn’t see much improvement with past treatments and it seemed like all the adjustments I got were the same.

I found out about Chiro One’s Wellness Rescue Promotion at a screening and came in for the free evaluation. I’m a firefighter and they were offering a chance to come in to get your spine checked. I signed up and since starting care, I don’t wake up with back pain anymore. I sleep better, I function better and I have more energy.

People walk in here with a smile on their face. They must be doing something right! They are more wellness-based and are focused on the whole body; both mental and physical and every adjustment is customized. My adjustments here hold up a lot longer than ones I’ve had in the past and I get updates on my progress. I’ve since brought in my whole family for care.

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