Chiropractic Success Story

Jo-Ann Billo

Ricki Angelus, chiropractic success storyChiropractic has helped me with my headaches and my hip pain. I have a stressful job and I used to come home exhausted – my head felt heavy and I had a headache, but now I feel great. It’s really quite amazing!

My name is Jo-Ann Billo. I fell down a flight of stairs years ago and fell on my head and since then, I’ve suffered with headaches and hip pain. I’ve had a battery of tests run in the past by my medical doctors including x-rays and blood tests to reach a diagnosis. I found out that I didn’t have arthritis and was referred to a rheumatologist. Coincidentally, I went to Sunrise Health Foods shortly after to purchase peanuts to make my own peanut butter and I met a consultant while I was there from Chiro One who asked me if I wanted to be evaluated. I found out at the screening that my head was tilted and that my shoulder was low and that I was basically crooked, so I decided to sign up to come in. I went to a group session and followed up with that and signed up for a twelve week care plan.

I’ve been to see a chiropractor before, but only to treat symptoms. They told me to just come back when I felt the need. This was the first time that I’d had x-rays taken by a chiropractor. Dr. Travis confirmed that my right shoulder was lower and that my head was tilted forward and that my neck had no curve and talked to me about corrective chiropractic care. He put me on a schedule and my results are really quite amazing. Within the first two weeks, my hip pain went away and my head isn’t heavy anymore after a long day of work. I haven’t had a headache and I haven’t needed Advil or anything. I used to have foot cramps and charlie horses, but now I don’t anymore. I sleep better, too. My workday is even better.

Everything seems easier now. I feel more empowered! I’m an avid gardener and picking up a 40 lb. bag of dirt is no problem!

I have a long day and if it wasn’t so pleasant here, I’d blow off my appointments. They seem to really care and are very pleasant and flexible.

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