Chiropractic Success Story

Jacob Warren

“My son has ADHD. Jacob was uncontrollable and never listened. Since he’s started chiropractic care, he listens and follows directions. He completes his homework and we are much happier as a family.”

My son, Jacob has ADHD. At its worst, Jacob was uncontrollable. He never listened, he couldn’t sit still, he touched everyone and everything and I would get calls on a daily basis for Jacob’s behavior.

I took Jacob to a chiropractor to improve his quality of life, to improve our family life as a whole, and so that he wouldn’t have to take ADHD medicine. I previously had tried Omega 3 and changing Jacob’s diet.

Since starting chiropractic care, Jacob is a much happier, pleasant boy. He has awesome conversations about many different topics. His problem solving skills are awesome and as a family, we are much happier. We are now able to enjoy life with a very functional child with ADHD.

Thank you Dr. KayLynne! You have changed our lives beyond any thought I could imagine. Jacob is still out going and has the energy of 5 kids and I can handle that due to the fact that he listens and follows direction. He now completes his homework with little to no arguments.

I love chiropractic care! It has helped me conceive my first two children after trying fertility meds that did not work for me.

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