Chiropractic Success Story

Elizabeth Davis

“Being aligned made my body more able to facilitate
child birth and have a much shorter, less painful labor. ”

My name is Elizabeth Davis. My husband, Nathan, our two daughters, Olivia and Elsie, and I are all under care at Chiro One. My parents took me to a chiropractor as a child as an alternative to antibiotics but my results were hit or miss because the treatment was not comprehensive. I decided to give chiropractic another shot when I met the marketing team at a screening. I was pregnant with my second child at the time and had heard that it could help with labor. My first labor with Olivia was extremely difficult.

During my first pregnancy, after three days of labor pains I had to have medical intervention and was in hard labor for 22 hours. I knew chiropractic was safe during pregnancy and there was no way I wanted to wait until after the pregnancy if it could improve my second labor. I felt very welcomed here and the doctors were excited about my pregnancy. When it came time for Elsie to be born I was very positive knowing I was aligned. I was very relaxed and Elsie was born after just two hours of much more bearable labor. The pain was much less and my body was much more able to facilitate the birth because of my alignment.

After beginning care I bugged Nathan to come for preventive wellness. He wasn’t motivated to come but noticed that I felt better physically. After hearing from the doctors about the nervous system and seeing his x-rays he saw it was very important. Now we both trust the doctors here and have total confidence in them. My older daughter, Olivia, is really healthy. She’s never really been sick. My younger daughter, Elsie, got her first adjustment at six days old; being born puts a lot of stress on a baby’s body so I knew she needed help immediately. Chiropractic is a preventive measure to keep my kids from being really sick. 

The open setting at Chiro One makes my children feel safe. It’s so family friendly. We can come as a family without feeling in the way. We are able to let the girls keep their schedules because we know we can make up an appointment if one of their naps runs over. Chiro One is a great place for families.

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