Chiropractic Success Story

Camille Coleman

Ricki Angelus, chiropractic success story“I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. It was hard to look into another person’s eyes and my speech was extremely limited. Since I started going to the Chiro Center, I can sit still to listen to stories and I can look into my mom’s eyes and say, ‘I Love You’. ”

My name is Camille Elizabeth Coleman and I am 6 years old. Meet my brother Marcus Elliott Coleman, he is 8 years old. We like coming to the Chiro One Wellness Centers.

I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. It was very hard to look into another person’s eyes, my speech was extremely limited, it was hard to sit still and it is difficult sometimes answering simple questions. My sleeping habits were interrupted throughout the night and often times I had trouble going to the potty.

When I first went to the Chiro Center I was nervous and did not want anyone to touch me. I was watching my big brother get his first adjustments and I fell asleep. My very first adjustment was made while I was sleeping. Now when I go to the Chiro Center, I scan my own card and lay on the table all by myself. I feel so good because my mom, dad and grandmother say they are so happy to see my progress. I look my mom in the eyes and say, “I Love You”. My teacher’s assistant told my parents that she is impressed with my eye contact.

I have been putting more words together making new sentences so much that my family is trying to keep up with a log book to record my progress. I can sit still to listen to story time in school and I have been answering simple questions more and more every day. I am sleeping through the night and going to the potty is no longer a problem. The director of my district says she’s pleased to see me adjust well to my new school.

I am so happy that we found out about Chiro One Wellness Centers but more important I am happy we met Dr. Jeremy Hayes and the Chiro One Wellness Team.

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