Chiropractic Success Story

Amy Langley

"Chiropractic has helped me with my Herniated Disc and Hip Pain. My medical doctor recommended physical therapy that didn’t help and then surgery for my bulging disc, but I tried chiropractic instead and now I’m pain free! I used to have trouble going grocery shopping (it took me two days to get it done), but now I can walk farther than ever and I even recently climbed 7 ½ miles on a Volcano in Hawaii."

My name is Amy Langley. I’ve suffered with a Herniated Disc and Hip Pain for the last three years and have tried physical therapy prescribed by my medical doctor that didn’t help. At its worst, I couldn’t stand or sit for long periods of time which affected my ability to sit in the bleachers to watch my children’s games. I couldn’t sleep through the night and walking was difficult. It took me two days to go grocery shopping because I couldn’t walk far enough to get everything that I needed. I felt physically and emotionally gone and even through I’m only 35 years old, I felt like I was 65. I was an emotional wreck from all the pain.

My medical doctor recommended that I have surgery to sand down my bulging disc to relieve the pain, but I wanted to think about it over the weekend. I’m really glad that I did! While I was out that weekend, I attended an event that Chiro One was at and I while I was there, I signed up for an appointment. I didn’t have any previous experience with chiropractic, and when I came in the following Monday and met Dr. Andrea Blake who explained to me that my pelvis was off which was causing the hip pain. I had previously had an MRI and X-Rays, but the medical doctors didn’t know that my pelvis was off. When I found out that my insurance covered 100% for chiropractic care, I cried with relief and said I’m doing it!

Since starting chiropractic care at Chiro One of Joliet, I can walk farther than ever without any pain. I can go grocery shopping in one day and I was able to climb a 7 ½ mile volcano in Hawaii on my vacation. I sleep much better and I’ve been able to work out and lose 12 lbs. I keep the Spine Chart in my purse and I tell others that chiropractic can help them. I feel like I’m back to being myself again.

I’m very grateful to have found Chiro One and I’ve brought my daughter in for care, too. They are very cooperative and I’m really glad I stopped to get my spine checked!

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