weight loss programs

Weight Loss Programs

We’re proud to offer a new weight loss program at all of our Chicagoland wellness centers. Weight Loss Concepts (WLC) is a unique and easy-to-follow weight loss program that combines supplementation with a nutrient-rich meal plan focused on eating small portions throughout the day while minimizing fat intake and eliminating carbohydrates, dairy and sugar. Derived from natural, high quality ingredients, our supplements are designed to boost metabolism, curb cravings and promote healthy weight loss.

How We Stand Apart

Unlike most "diets," that focus on calorie counting and put the body in starvation mode, our weight loss program is a simple, yet advanced system that promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss based on eating REAL FOOD. Instead of suppressing the appetite and limiting food intake, we teach you which foods optimize nutrition intake and promote fat burning, while restricting the foods that quickly turn to fat.

In the first 10 days, you'll lose a considerable amount of weight—and you'll feel it! Your clothes will suddenly be loose and your friends and family members will begin to take notice. It is highly motivating!

Your Weight Loss Will Be Substantial, Seeing Results Every Day Will Keep You Motivated!

The rate of weight loss experienced on the WLC protocol is safe and motivating. Our clients lose an average of 3 to 5+ pounds per week. Individual variables such as age, gender, starting weight and commitment level may influence the amount you lose.

The Difference is Clear

What WLC Offers: Doctor Coaching, Supplements and More

Once you select the four or eight week program, you'll have access to:

Doctor Coaching. Your doctor will work alongside you to provide support, coaching and accountability sessions, which will help to keep you motivated and aligned with your goals. The program also includes weekly weigh-ins.

Meal Plan and Recipe Book. The WLC program provides a suggested meal plan and a robust list of WLC-approved foods. You'll also receive a delicious recipe book, filled with easy-to-make meals you'll love.

WLC Supplementation Kits. Another vital aspect of the WLC program is the supplemental kits, which work alongside your meal plan to trigger the body to release fat. These high-quality supplements boost your diet and act as a catalyst in your weight loss goals. The program features three key products:

WLC Supplements

LEAN: Energy and Appetite Support

An exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs, LEAN triggers the release of glucose from energy storage and increases blood flow to the muscles. It also provides important antioxidants, increases fat burning, boosts energy and minimizes cravings. Key ingredients include guarana, green tea and green coffee bean extracts, all of which are shown to benefit weight loss and blood sugar metabolism.

B12 ENDURE: Methylcobalamin

Methylcobalamin is the advanced form of the vitamin B12 and unlike many other B12 vitamins on the market. Typically, you'll find B12 vitamins containing cyanocobalamin, but the body must work to process this into methylcobalamin. Our B12 ENDURE allows your body to begin reaping the benefits immediately and promotes energy, focus, metabolism, mood and immune function.

ADVANCE: Weight and Appetite Support

An oral spray, this proprietary homeopathic blend is specially formulated to stimulate the body's ability to metabolize fat stores. This safe, oral spray also helps to regulate organ and gland function, which promotes hormonal balance

Additional materials provided:

  • WLC Program Instructions & Nutritional Menu
  • Daily Weight and Food Log
  • WLC Recipe Book

For more information, consult your Chiro One Wellness Center chiropractor