Chiro One LSO Brace

Chiro One LSO Therapy System

Experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Alongside chiropractic care, the non-invasive and safe Lumbar Spinal Orthosis (LSO) brace can provide relief from low back pain and increase your overall function and mobility.

Support, Pain Relief and More

Our lightweight, easy-to-use LSO brace is designed to work alongside your chiropractic care, prolonging the beneficial effects of your adjustments. Other benefits include:

Relief from low back pain

Reduced need for medication

Improved functional mobility

Postural support, especially for prolonged sitting and standing

Post-operative pain relief and stabilization

Is the LSO Brace Right for Me?

Every person is unique in their symptomatology and treatment, your Chiro One doctor will provide you the best recommendations for your specific case. Typically, the LSO brace is prescribed to patients with:

Acute or chronic low back pain

Muscle spasms

Low back sprains and strains

Herniated disc(s)

Lumbar surgery

Postural weakness


Or patients who:

Have thrown their back out

Experience pain sitting or standing for long periods of time

Are in post-surgical pain

If you’ve had any of the following procedures, conditions or diagnoses, the Lumbar Spinal Orthosis brace may be perfect for you:


Lumbar disc displacement

Lumbar disc degeneration

Lumbar disc herniation

Spinal stenosis


Laminectomy or discectomy

Facet Syndrome

Why Chiro One’s LSO Brace is Better

Built to support your corrective chiropractic treatment, the easy-to-use brace features an adjustable design and uses compression to create a comfortable and supportive fit. You’ll also find that this brace can be:

Worn discreetly under clothing
Used standing, sitting or lying down
Custom fit to your body
Additional product features include:
Lightweight and breathable
Made with advanced eco-friendly material
Made in the USA

or talk to your Chiro One team for more information or to order your LSO brace.