Chiro One Patients are HAPPY!

Below are our current survey results from our patients.

Patient Satisfaction

98% of patients have had a satisfactory experience with 91% rating their experience as OUTSTANDING

Patient Recommended

93% of patients would recommend Chiro One to friend or family member


93% of patients feel well-informed about chiropractic care

The Reviews!

We love hearing from our patients. Below are just a few of our reviews. Feel free to head to our Yelp pages to read some more!

Had Surgery

Susan H.

Midlothian, IL

Review Stars

I have experienced back pain since I was a teenager and have already undergone two surgeries for herniated discs. The range of mobility and stiffness in my neck was a growing concern, so I decided to try Chiro One Wellness Center. After only eleven treatments, I can already see an improvement. Dr. Nordrum is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of natural medicine and takes his time with each and every patient. If you have any questions regarding the benefit of chiropractic treatment, stop in and talk to Shonda or Jill. They can provide a wealth of information. Your health is so important - invest in it.


Brad K.

Naperville, IL

Review Stars

I came to Chiro One as somewhat of a skeptic. I'd tried other chiropractic and wellness practices over the years with little to no results. Dr. Russell and his team quickly got me to rethink my impression. Chiro One create a program specific to my needs, executed it, monitored it, adjusted it, and delivered the outcome that they promised.

Prior to coming to Chiro One, I couldn't walk more than a quarter of a mile without feeling excruciating pain in my upper back. Today, I can walk over four miles without any pain. And, in those few instances where I strain my back, my recovery is much quicker.

The two things that I appreciate most about Chiro One are 1) the level of rigor behind their diagnostics and treatments, and 2) the warmth, professionalism, and competence of Dr. Russell and his staff.

I would recommend Chiro One without hesitation.

Multiple Symptoms

Nathan S.

Chicago, IL

Review Stars

When I first met Dr. Lavar, my neck and back were in pain and feeling stiff every single day, and I was getting colds very easily. I have now completed my first treatment plan and my symptoms are all severely reduced. I even signed up for a few more months! This office has improved my quality of life to the point that I wanted to write this even though I hate writing reviews, because Dr. Lavar and all of his staff, who have become my friends, deserve it. Go get checked out!

Loves Company

Char M.

Chicago, IL

Review Stars

Let me start off by saying that I love Chiro One as a company. I've been going to Chiro One for a little over two years now. About a year ago, I transferred from the Oakbrook Terrace Chiro One to this location due to a job change. I was happy to find that Dr. Ed's office was within walking distance of my new office!

He and his team are amazing! They really took the time to listen and understand my concerns and correct my ongoing back and hip issues. Not only have these issues been corrected but his chiropractic care has saved me from getting sick this winter (I haven't been sick in over a year) and his adjustments have helped me better manage job stress. I cannot thank Dr. Ed enough for helping me stay healthy over the past year. I'm truly grateful for his care and healing.

Reluctant; Insurance

Renato S.

Gurnee, IL

Review Stars

I was reluctant at first, but, once I found that my insurance covered my treatment, I signed right up. Probably one of the best decisions I have made for both me and my family. The atmosphere of our Fountain Square location is friendly and fun. The staff is always hospitable not to mention how great Dr. Dana is. She really makes you feel special.

Severe Condition; Atmosphere

Pat C.

Wheaton, IL

Review Stars

I have been a patient for a few years. The services, genuine concern, compassion displayed by all staff members, are what bring me back. My condition is pretty severe and actually, I believed I was beyond help. They never once made me feel that way, always gave encouragement and made any progress seem huge. The words "Cannot Help" or "Nothing to Offer You" are never spoken there. Also, the personal touch of every employee is so appreciated by all. I have yet to see someone walk in and not be called by their first name and met with a smile. I had never been a believer but truly am one now. I would recommend them to everyone.

Avoided Surgery

Scott B.

Oak Forest, IL

Review Stars

First of all my back WAS in bad shape. I'm 30 years old and they wanted to do surgery. At my age there is no way I would go through that. So I went to them for a second opinion. I'm glad to say that after 3 months my pain is already in half, if not better! Couldn't be a better group of people to go see. It's not like you are at a doctor, they are professional but in the same sense comforting. I will be going there for a while. All I can say is see for yourself.

Laura L.

Evanston, IL

Review Stars

This place is great! I've been coming here for years and they really care about me and my health. I wish they were open on Saturdays and were closer to home but hey, they are worth the 10 mile drive in my opinion. Outstanding care and service!

Samuel J.

Wheeling, IL

Review Stars

If you're searching for a good place to go for chiropractic care from a preventative perspective, Chiro One is the place to go. Emphasis is on patient and not on whether or not you are covered. I am a current client and have been going for a few years now and have been treated with respect and have found my health to be improving over time. With chiropractic care centers throughout Chicagoland, you are not far from a location. Dr. Phil and his staff are great.