Stephanie Middlebrook 5 out of 5 stars
13-Mar-2014 06:00 AM

My story is not at all dramatic. No car accidents, falls or other serious injury. Rather thirty years of a stressful, active job, marriage, kids and life! taking it's toll finally sent me back to a chiropractor. (Had previous experience when I was younger with an injury) Chiro One and Dr Russell were a surprising change for me :) the emphasis on physical therapy was new to me. My previous experience was one of " lie down we will fix it". Here you are involved in your own healing. Very empowering. And personally life changing.. Perhaps some of you moms can identify with being so busy putting your own needs aside.. Well here Dr. Russell and his wonderful staff, Hannah and Sara, encourage and support you first :) I couldn't more highly recommend Dr. Russell and Chiro One.

Joanna J. 5 out of 5 stars
14-Jan-2014 08:01 AM

I have had a very good experience here. The doctor is very patient and a very nice, wonderful man. The whole staff works very well and the atmosphere is very nice and welcoming. Even when you don't feel good, they always try to make you feel better - even if you are in pain - it helps when people are smiling.

Kaitln S. 4 out of 5 stars
14-Jan-2014 08:00 AM

After several visits at Chiro One Naperville I have seen a relatively significant decrease in my neck pain!

Leonel A. 4 out of 5 stars
14-Jan-2014 07:59 AM

My first visit to Chiro One, in Naperville was very educational. I was able to tell that all they wanted to do was to educate you on the importance of chiropractic care. There was no pressure to sign up, just pure education. I made the choice myself with my new found knowledge about the benefits of decreasing subluxation and being able to reach my full potential in varies activates that I do. My main reason for considering was because of lower back pain that I was experiencing. Once I discovered that a few days a week can increase your body’s overall wellbeing I was excited. My lower back pain was no more after about a month. I have been playing soccer now for about 15 years, and I noticed that my strength, agility, and coordination have improved. I now use custom foot orthotics, which were recommended by the staff at Chiro One. They make a world of difference when playing, I no longer experience pain or discomfort after long periods of play. The overall atmosphere is full of pep and excitement. On the mornings that I get to go for my session, I wake up with energy because I’m excited to be there. They say that breakfast is an important part of the day and that it improves your overall performance, add a morning adjustment and you are guaranteed to succeed.

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