Debra Collins 5 out of 5 stars
10-Jul-2018 02:23 AM

It's so hard to function, let alone enjoy life when you're always in pain, especially when it's in my neck.
I've only been getting adjusted for a few weeks, but I finally have hope that I don't have to live the rest of my life in pain! As an added benefit, I'm only taking a fraction of the acid reducers that I've had to take for years. Thank you so much Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Roz!
It's also nice to go somewhere where all the employees are so helpful and kind!

Debra Collins 5 out of 5 stars
03-Jul-2018 06:43 PM

I just started seeing Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Roz a couple of weeks ago, but for the first time in a long time, I have hope! It's so hard to function, let alone enjoy life when you're always in pain, especially when it includes your neck.
From the very first adjustment, I could tell a difference, and as an added benefit, I'm already
taking a fraction of the acid reducers that I had to take before getting adjusted.
It's also very nice to go somewhere where everyone that works there is so helpful and kind.
Thank you so much Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Roz!

Lisa Gembala 5 out of 5 stars
08-Jun-2017 02:06 PM

The best place ever with the greatest, caring and knowledgeable doctors..Dr Jeremy and Dr. Roz. I almost went on disability until I started with them, what a fantastic place. The staff is great also.

Jennifer Conner 5 out of 5 stars
25-Apr-2017 06:34 PM

For years I was told little about my condition never fully understanding what was going on until I met with the doctors at chiro one they made sure I fully understood my condition and ways to treat it. the environment is great everyone is friendly and very welcoming

Major Armstead 5 out of 5 stars
27-Jul-2015 10:30 AM

I am 76 years old and I have been diagnosed with hypertension and Type 2
Diabetes. In addition, I had surgery(in 1958) to repair a broken femur when I was 18 years old. Years later, my doctor discovered that I had contracted the Hepatitis C Virus through the blood transfusion received during the surgery.
I have received Chiro One services since 2008. My blood pressure is within normal range, my AIc has been reduced to 6.4 with daily blood sugar readings between 90-110.
Finally, a recent exam of my liver showed no damage which means that I qualify for therapy that can rid my body of the HCV.
I attribute any improved status in my health to my belief in God and the things He has led me to use--- lifestyle adjustments,doctors, therapies,etc..
Chiro One is listed very high on the therapies that has assisted me on improved health. The staff is very professional and friendly. They make you feel that your concerns are also important to them.

Carol Downs 5 out of 5 stars
07-Jul-2015 02:52 PM

Besides the normal adjustments for my spine and neck, I recently asked Dr. Hayes if he could adjust me for GERD. It was amazing. After the first adjustment, my incidences of GERD reduced by 90%. And now, I rarely have this happen.

I can't say enough about the chiropractic care I've received at Flossmoor.
I've had help with injuries, plantar fasciitis, and now, GERD; along with the improvements I've had with my spine and neck.

LINDA JAMERSON 5 out of 5 stars
28-Jun-2015 09:21 PM

Dr. Jeremy and Dr. John have been working with me for 2 months and the improvement is nothing short of remarkable! I sought their care as pain in both my lower back and hip made it difficult to walk. In fact, I needed a cane if I was going to walk more than a block or two. With the adjustments and therapy they have provided, not only has the pain subsided, but my overall health has improved. I can feel the energy flowing in my body and don't need nearly as much sleep. I've even started walking for enjoyment again and my cane stays home. Get yourself to Chiro one Flossmoor now - don't wait as long as I did. Both the doctors and the staff treat you like family and seem to know just what you need to feel better, work better, and - most importantly - live better!

Pat Stapleton 5 out of 5 stars
04-Jun-2015 06:15 PM

It has been about two years since I received chiropratic care at Chiro-One. I have Chronic Bronchitis that had flared up. I was coughing so hard that it gave me back spasms. Well, thanks to Dr. Jeremy and Dr. John I am not coughing anymore after a month of chiropratic care. Big shout outs to Flossmoor Chiro One office. The staff is friendly and they really care about your well being. Yes, the adjustments, therapy and other techinques really do work. I'm a witness!!!!

Sean L Davis 5 out of 5 stars
24-Oct-2014 10:51 AM

My name is Sean Davis and I must say that Chiro One in Flossmoor is the best ever. The Doctors and the staff are wonderful people. I came in there office in so much pain that I had to lie down on the chairs in the waiting area. A scale of 1 to 10 for pain my pain was a 100!!! Dr. Hayes and Dr. Braithwaste and The wonderful staff are the best. I feel brand new again, I am able to ride my bike, go hiking and running and I owe it all to them. Thank you and Many of God's Blessings.

Naz S. 5 out of 5 stars
03-Sep-2014 04:02 PM

My daughter has been a patient at Chiro One for over 3 months and her health has improved drastically. Other doctors would only medicate her for her condition which only masked her issues. She has had no issues since being a patient and she loves the care the office provides from adjustments to the friendly staff assisting with her exercises. I was sold after seeing her become more 'present' and alive again. I have been a patient for two weeks and feel awesome!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!! Finding Chiro One has been a blessing.

James Reid 5 out of 5 stars
19-Aug-2014 04:06 PM

I'm a active bricklayer and have had pains in my shoulders and lower back. The doctors and staff at chino - one are great people. I wish I would have started going to them years ago because the few weeks I've been going has already got me feeling better.

Jill Givens 5 out of 5 stars
13-Aug-2014 07:50 PM

I was doubtful about trying chiropractic care. I was experiencing a terrible pain in my neck, constantly burning with every movement ,basically just learning to live with the pain, after a few visit with Chiro one I am feeling great, my pain is gone, I thank Dr. Jeremy and the Chiro one staff for all they done for me. I will recommend Chiro one to all my family and friends. ........ greatful clinet Jill Givens

Maria Guzman 5 out of 5 stars
06-Mar-2014 10:58 AM

Since going to Chiro One , it has been a blessing for me and my family. I was diagnosed with rsd and the doctors have given up on me with this condition. After 8 sympathetic nerve block procedures and an implant back nerve stimulation system, there was still no improvement. I was very miserable and in constant pain for several years. When I first walked into Chiro One, my pain was intolerable and something unbearable. I was unable to function without many medications and now I do not take one pill to be able to function. I want to praise and thank the Lord for sending me Dr. Jeremy Hayes and Dr. John. God has heard and answered my prayers. I am forever thankful to a wonderful staff at Chiro One for such great service and being very attentive to our needs.

Coach Ed Osby 5 out of 5 stars
06-Mar-2014 08:55 AM

As a retired high school teacher and football coach wo has seen as well as worked on various injuries, my approach to treatments was basitcally set in stone.

As far as chropractic care was concerned, well, it was something far from reality in terms of a serious response to sports injuries.

Having played football in high school and college, I've had my share of injuries. After listening to a Chiropractic representative at a super market - I decided to give it a try. Believe me it has changed my total understanding of my body and how it functions. Dr. John Braithwaite at the Flossmoor facility of Chiro One has retooled, if you will, my body. I now realize that my spine actually controls all aspects of my body and its functions. I'm a new man because of my regular adjustments. It is amazing how well I feel since beginning my chiropractic adjustments.

I called my brother who also played college football at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama and recommended that he try a chiropractor for his old injuries. He too was amazed at how the adjustments to his spine improved the quality of his life.

My new-found understanding of the Chiropractic profession is the result of the commitment and dedication that Dr. John Braithwaite and Dr. Jeremy Hayes have for their patients.

Nicole W. 5 out of 5 stars
03-Jan-2014 12:44 PM

Being a patient at Chiro One has been great and wonderful for these 3 months. I have been glad to come to my appointment.I like the staff who have been very friendly, caring, warm, helpful, kind and most of all helped me heal the body and make me smile all at the same time. I can say Thank You Chiro One you're the best.

Carrie E. 5 out of 5 stars
03-Jan-2014 12:43 PM

I've been coming to Chiro One since March 2010. I have had lower back problems and some pain in my upper arms and shoulders. The Doctors here are terrific and have helped me a great deal. I feel better and am on the road to a healthier me. I love the staff. I can't say enough about how terrific they are. I love coming here!

Donna H. 4 out of 5 stars
03-Jan-2014 12:43 PM

I have been a patient at Chiro One now for about a year with my son Matt. The staff is so warm and friendly, just like family and our overall health has definitely improved and without medication and its harsh side effects. I truly belief in the phrase "The Power that made the body, heals the body". Our lifestyle has evolved into one of less and less physical movement, which goes against the true nature of our being - we are made to move and without pain. The Spine is the central pathway that "connects" the rest of the body to the brain. If these connections aren't correct, the body can't function correctly. Chiro One has a great staff, all working tirelessly to correct the Spine and improve the quality of our health and in turn, the quality of our life. Thank you Chiro One for all that you do! We are continuing our treatments until we both can be free of pain and enjoy a healthy life for years to come!

Andre F. 5 out of 5 stars
03-Jan-2014 12:42 PM

Thank you Dr. John! I am on my way to healing. You listened closely to what my condition called for, and had enough experience and tricks up your sleeve to give me the correct adjustment. You are awesome! Continue to BRING IT!

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