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232 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL 60523


Participants can bring a guest! Adults only please. MUST bring a guest if a current patient. Limited seating available.

About the Doctor

Dr. Jill Pickens, D.C.

Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Dr. Jill Pickens is happy to call Chicago home again after returning from a move to Dallas, Texas. She is thrilled to be fulfilling her personal mission to be an advocate for each patient she serves as chiropractic director at Chiro One Wellness Center of Oak Brook.

Dr. Jill received her bachelor’s degree in movement science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and went on to complete her doctorate of chiropractic from Parker University. During her time at there, she maintained leadership in the student government and Parker’s Sport Chiropractic Club, and led the women’s soccer team in the annual Chiro Games. She also received the James W. Parker Chiropractic Philosophy Award, which is given to the student, “who, to an outstanding degree, has demonstrated the principles of friendship, love of mankind, and the compassion to serve in the practice of chiropractic.”

An athlete since a young age, Dr. Jill was competitive in gymnastics for 15 years and because of her sport, she began experiencing low back pain early in life. Familiar with chiropractic because of his own experience with back and neck pain due to degenerative joint disease, Dr. Jill’s father took her to see a chiropractor right away. Shortly after starting a treatment plan, Dr. Jill was pain-free, but aware that her level of activity and genetic predisposition could set her up with spine issues down the road.

While looking at medical schools during her undergraduate degree, a friend brought Dr. Jill to a corrective care chiropractor and she learned about subluxation and its effect on the nervous system. Soon after, she began seeing the chiropractor again and noticed a wide-range of health improvements; she no longer caught her yearly colds, flu or strep and she, to this day, has no signs of degenerative disease and has remained active in sports.

Outside of her chiropractic practice, Dr. Jill spends time coaching gymnastics, teaching young athletes about discipline, hard work and how to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. She also loves to play soccer and is new to CrossFit—but loves how it tests her mentally and physically. She also enjoys reading, spending time outside and trying new restaurants.

Dr. Jill looks to the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes,” for inspiration. It reminds her of her own belief that our thoughts and response to the external forces in life shape our perception and, therefore, our reality.

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