Dr. Leo Levesque, D.C.
  • EDUCATION: Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • HOMETOWN: San Diego, CA

Originally born in San Diego, Dr. Leo Levesque, D.C., lived in the Sunshine State for most of his childhood before moving to southern Illinois at age 15. His work in the army brought him around the world, but now he’s back in the Midwest, closer to family and thrilled to be serving patients as chiropractic director of Chiro One of Hales Corners.

At 22 years old, Dr. Leo joined the U.S. Army serving as an infantryman. During his last deployment to Iraq, he was injured during battle, and upon returning to the United States began undergoing surgeries to help his injuries. After 13 surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy and two years being unable to walk unassisted, Dr. Leo was told by a doctor that he needed a hip replacement. The thought of another surgery devastated him.

Chiropractic wasn’t even on Dr. Leo’s radar until his friend mentioned it and encouraged him to come with her to an appointment. His friend told the doctor about Leo’s struggles and impending surgeries, and the doc just simply said: “Well… do you want to know what I can do for you?” Unsure of what to expect, Leo said sure. The doc spent 30 minutes with him, explaining how he could help. Leo began treatment a few days later and has never regretted his choice. Chiropractic has helped reduce his pain, increase mobility and he never did have his hip replaced.

About a year and half later, Dr. Leo was medically retired from the army. He spent nine months trying to adjust to civilian life, looking to begin the next chapter of his story. In the end, he chose chiropractic—guided to the profession by the need to help others through the pain and suffering he himself endured. As Dr. Leo puts it: “I went from serving our nation to serving our communities.”

Dr. Leo received his doctorate of chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic. He’s a certified FAKTR (Functional and Kinetical Treatment with Rehab) practitioner, and he is also certified in Fascial Movement Taping Levels 1 & 2, Function Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessments 1 & 2 and has a Grostic Procedure certification. He’s a part of the American Chiropractic Association and the Georgia Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Leo’s favorite part of being a chiropractor is that he helps others find different treatment methods from the needless surgeries and invasive procedures that he himself suffered through. Treating fellow service members is his greatest joy. In his free time, Dr. Leo enjoys spending time with his two daughters and his granddaughter. He loves anything outdoors, live sporting events, live music, festivals and fairs, traveling and riding his Harley.