Dr. LaVar Larks, D.C.
  • EDUCATION: Parker College of Chiropractic
  • HOMETOWN: Wilmington, DE

Originally from Delaware, Dr. LaVar Larks, D.C is proud to call Chicago home and serves as chiropractic director of Chiro One Wellness Center of The Loop.

After living with chronic back pain, Dr. LaVar Larks, D.C., found relief and healing through chiropractic. Armed with his newfound belief in the body's ability to heal itself and a desire to fulfill a promise made to his grandmother to become a doctor, Dr. LaVar became a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. LaVar attended the University of Delaware where he earned his bachelor’s degree in health exercise and science. He later attended Parker College of Chiropractic where he obtained his doctorate of chiropractic.

Passionate about serving others, Dr. Lavar traveled to Panama to join a group of 30 doctors, providing chiropractic care and serving over 50,000 people. Dr. Lavar has also received specialized training in golf injuries, and one of 10 doctors on the medical personnel team taking care of athletes participating in Florida's Sunshine State Games.

Dr. Lavar wholly believes the famous B.J. Palmer quote, "The power that made the body, heals the body." He believes the best thing you can do for your health is to take care of your nervous system. In his free time, Dr. Lavar enjoys a variety of pastimes including traveling, football, diving and scuba diving.