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Why It’s Good to Feel Nostalgic

Why it’s Good to Feel Nostalgic The holidays can often pull up the powerful feeling of nostalgia—those warm feelings mixed with memories of people, places or times past. Nostalgia is not simply a memory of something, it’s a strong emotion felt about another time, place, experience, etc. For many, nostalgia is bittersweet and might bring about a sense of loss that time has passed, but also happiness and pleasure at the thought of the experience. While it can be difficult, at times, to experience this emotion—it can also provide your life with meaning, and research has shown it can have some other pretty incredible effects, too.  Read More

On 11/20/2018

Gratitude Traditions for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gratitude Traditions for Thanksgiving Dinner November is usually the time to think about gratitude and what it means in your life. Many people now participate in “30 Days of Thanks” on social media and others will take some time on Thanksgiving to think or talk about what they are thankful for. It’s important to keep gratitude in your life all year round, but it’s also great to spend time this holiday focusing on the good in your life.  Read More

On 11/13/2018

How to Harness Healthy Stress

How to Harness Healthy Stress At first glance, healthy stress may seem like an oxymoron—but it’s true, stress can be healthy for you in certain doses and certain situations. Your body was built to create responses to stress, and this has been one of the keys to survival—but what good can it do for us in modern times? Turns out, more than you may think.  Read More

On 9/25/2018

Adult Coloring Books: The Art of Calm

Adult Coloring Books: The Art of Calm Whether they’re lined up against the shelves at the local bookstore or smattered brightly across your Facebook feed, you’ve probably seen them—adult coloring books. Exactly what it sounds like, these books are similar to the ones you might remember from childhood, except now a little more complex in design and form to appeal to an adult audience. For the last year, they’ve been getting a lot of press, topping many a best-seller list; and the coloring phenomenon has been the source of much criticism and praise. So… what’s the deal? Could adult coloring be beneficial to you?  Read More

On 9/24/2018

Imagining Your Way to Total Relaxation

Imagining Your Way to Total Relaxation “Picture yourself lying on a sunny beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean…” If someone has suggested this to you or if you’ve actually tried it, then you’re familiar with a technique called visual imagery. But there’s much more to this mindful, creative practice than a tongue in cheek suggestion. Trying it just might improve your emotional and physical health.  Read More

On 9/20/2018

How to Start Journaling

How to Start Journaling Back in the day, we’d all spend time writing things by hand. Many people as young kids or even adults would keep a journal, but as the digital age has stretched on, we’re taking pen to paper less and less. While in many ways this change is certainly convenient, there are things we’re missing by not taking the time to record our thoughts, goals, gratitude and aspirations by hand. We’ll help you get started, but first, let’s go through some of the benefits!  Read More

On 9/18/2018

5 All-Natural Ways to Lessen Anxiety

5 All-Natural Ways to Lessen Anxiety Whether short-lived situational stress or a full-on disorder, anxiety greatly impacts quality of life—and who wants each day ruled by a messy mind and knotted chest? No one. But sadly, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting about 40 million adults. Honestly, there is no quick fix, but there are some natural alternatives you can use to find comfort and balance.  Read More

On 9/11/2018

3 Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids (and Yourself!)

3 Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids (and Yourself!) Everyone is a work-in-progress; always figuring out how to live better, love more and grow happier. That’s what life is all about! As adults, we often have to break some deeply engrained behaviors we acquired over the years—wouldn’t it have been easier if you had avoided some negative habits from the start? Of course! One of the best gifts you can give your children is to show and teach them healthy behaviors, starting at a young age.  Read More

On 8/30/2018

7 Healthy Habits for Kids

7 Healthy Habits for Kids The habits we build as children follow us through our entire lives—good or bad—which is why it’s absolutely critical to instill healthy behaviors at a young age. Read this list of healthy habits and pick the ones you’d like to work on with your family; hang this post on your fridge or bathroom mirror to keep it in sight and on your mind.  Read More

On 8/27/2018