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Practice Gratitude, Improve Your Health

Practice Gratitude, Improve Your Health Sure, in this crazy, high pressure world it’s sometimes easier to see the glass as half empty. But changing your luck could be as simple as being grateful for what you have. It’s hard to believe, but studies actually show “turning your frown upside down” does lead to a better life and some amazing benefits: better health, more happiness, higher immunity, heart health and an overall awesome outlook on life.  Read More

On 2/21/2019

How to Create Your Happiness

How to Create Your Happiness Is your happiness important to you? Of course it is! You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t interested in being happy. People often talk about how to “find” happiness—as if it’s a discoverable object you can hold on to after you’ve found it—but the truth is happiness has more to do with genetics and intentional activity than anything else.  Read More

On 1/29/2019

4 Ways to Get Your New Year’s Resolution Back

4 Ways to Get Your New Year’s Resolution Back If you kick-started a resolution for 2019, it’s time to check in with yourself. No matter what your resolution was—work out more, kick a smoking habit, eat healthier, spend more time with family, get organized, you name it—it’s easy to have a lot of motivation at first but then lose steam as time goes on. If you really want to make your resolution work, set aside some time each month to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and where you might need some nudging. Here are some tips to get you there:  Read More

On 1/28/2019

The Basics on Essential Oils

The Basics on Essential Oils Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree… many people have made essential oils part of their everyday beauty, cleaning or wellness routine. In fact, essential oil sales in the U.S. have boomed over the last few years to nearly half a billion dollars annually. If you haven’t given them a shot yet—or even if you’re a devoted user—check out some of the basics on essential oils and a few interesting things you may not have known.  Read More

On 1/22/2019

Slow Down Your Life (and Don't Feel Guilty)

Slow Down Your Life (and Don't Feel Guilty) If your to-do list trails to the ground, you’re not alone. It seems that people are only getting busier—but why? We’ve had this incredible surge in technology to make life easier and decrease the amount of time spent on tasks—but no one really seems to be capitalizing on the free time it creates, they’re just filling the gaps with more things to get done.  Read More

On 1/08/2019

Looking Back on 2018: 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

Looking Back on 2018: 11 Questions to Ask Yourself Take time at the end of this year to reflect on your experiences, goals, accomplishments, highs and lows, challenges and more over the course of 2018. Sometime over the next couple of days, answer these questions below for yourself and take a moment to look back over the year before you close the book on another chapter.  Read More

On 12/31/2018

Ways to Slow Down, De-Stress and Actually Enjoy the Holidays

Stress can be a big part of the holidays—and it doesn’t have to be. While we know chiropractic can help you feel less stressed, we also love to share other ideas that’ll help you enjoy each day of your life more. See if you can weave any of these ideas into these next couple of weeks of the holiday season.  Read More

On 12/19/2018

Why It’s Good to Feel Nostalgic

Why it’s Good to Feel Nostalgic The holidays can often pull up the powerful feeling of nostalgia—those warm feelings mixed with memories of people, places or times past. Nostalgia is not simply a memory of something, it’s a strong emotion felt about another time, place, experience, etc. For many, nostalgia is bittersweet and might bring about a sense of loss that time has passed, but also happiness and pleasure at the thought of the experience. While it can be difficult, at times, to experience this emotion—it can also provide your life with meaning, and research has shown it can have some other pretty incredible effects, too.  Read More

On 11/20/2018