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Imagining Your Way to Total Relaxation

Imagining Your Way to Total Relaxation “Picture yourself lying on a sunny beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean…” If someone has suggested this to you or if you’ve actually tried it, then you’re familiar with a technique called visual imagery. But there’s much more to this mindful, creative practice than a tongue in cheek suggestion. Trying it just might improve your emotional and physical health.  Read More

On 9/20/2018

7 Healthy Habits for Kids

7 Healthy Habits for Kids The habits we build as children follow us through our entire lives—good or bad—which is why it’s absolutely critical to instill healthy behaviors at a young age. Read this list of healthy habits and pick the ones you’d like to work on with your family; hang this post on your fridge or bathroom mirror to keep it in sight and on your mind.  Read More

On 8/27/2018

Why Does My Teen Sleep So Much?

Why Does My Teen Sleep So Much? If you’re a parent of a teen—or even pre-teen—getting them to go to bed on time at night or waking them up in the morning may be your least favorite routine. Whether they’ve become a night owl or you have to tell them, “It’s time to get up!” 42 times in the morning—there’s a reason why and biology plays a big role.  Read More

On 8/23/2018

4 Healthy Lunches for Little Ones

4 Healthy Lunches for Little Ones Folks are starting to pay more and more attention to the foods placed in front of today’s youth. Huge outcries to change lunchroom foods have resulted in the new standards for federally subsidized school lunches.  Read More

On 8/22/2018

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids?

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids? For many folks, a hot (or cold!) cup of coffee is the perfect way to jump start their morning. In fact, 80 percent of American adults drink caffeine daily, but it’s not only adults these days. Caffeine has found its way into the candy, snacks and desserts favored by kids and young adults, too. What are the ramifications of this stimulant on growing bodies? Should parents be concerned? We have the answers!  Read More

On 8/02/2018

Camp with Health in Mind

Camp with Health in Mind Heading to the great outdoors this summer? Bring along these great health and well-being camping tips from Chiro One Wellness Centers for those beautiful nights spent cozied up next to a campfire.  Read More

On 7/25/2018

5 Water-Rich Summer Treats

5 Water-Rich Summer Treats Not all of your daily water intake has to be through water itself. A good 20 percent of your water should come through food! However, it’s important to keep in mind, not all foods are created water-rich equal. Let’s take a look at some summer treats that’ll keep you cool, refreshed, and most importantly, hydrated, all summer long.  Read More

On 7/23/2018