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Three Common Asthma Types Explained

Three Common Asthma Types Explained There are six different types of asthma, including occupational asthma, cough-variant asthma and health conditions that mimic asthma; but here we focus on three common types. Let's take a look!  Read More

On 4/04/2019

Get Clear: Ditch BPA-Free Plastics for Glass

Get Clear: Switch to Glass Containers Think you’re doing right by your family by making the switch to BPA-free plastics for water bottles and storage containers? Here’s what you need to know about BPA and why glass, instead of BPA-free plastic, is always your best bet.  Read More

On 4/02/2019

Fatty Foods Are Stressing You Out

Fats are not entirely bad. Good fats tend to positively impact energy levels, protect the organs and provide warmth for your body. But what is the relationship between fats and stress?  Read More

On 3/27/2019

Fight Inflammation With Food!

Fight Inflammation With Food! An anti-inflammatory dietary plan may not be the trendiest around, but research suggests it can be incredibly beneficial to the body. Experts know that specific foods influence the inflammatory process, so following this plan can reduce your risk of disease and help keep your weight in check. Sound good? We thought so, too.  Read More

On 3/20/2019

Blue Light and Your Health

Blue Light and Your Health You may have heard you should limit your exposure to light at night to avoid disrupting your sleep. But did you know that exposure to blue light and energy-efficient light bulbs can be particularly bad for your health? An article published in Harvard Health Publications points out some big concerns when it comes to soaking up too much of these blue wavelengths, especially toward the end of the day.  Read More

On 3/13/2019

Eating for Energy: Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid

Eating for Energy: Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid How many times have you felt great all morning, only to crash right after lunch? Make no mistake; the foods you’re choosing at lunch are having a direct effect on your energy level. Stop hindering your afternoon performance with your lunchtime choices, and give yourself the boost you need to finish off the day.  Read More

On 3/11/2019

7 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning

7 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning Creating healthy meals and grocery shopping for healthy foods can be difficult! The aisles are filled with not-so-good-for-you choices and temptations. We’re here to help steer you in the right direction and get you in and out without a cart full of preservatives and energy-zapping foods.  Read More

On 3/06/2019

Does My Teen Sleep Too Much?

Does My Teen Sleep Too Much? If you’re a parent of a teen—or even pre-teen—getting them to go to bed on time at night or waking them up in the morning may be your least favorite routine. Whether they’ve become a night owl or you have to tell them, “It’s time to get up!” 42 times in the morning—there’s a reason why and biology plays a big role.  Read More

On 3/05/2019

Six Spices for Heart Health

Six Spices for Heart Health Spices aren’t just a way to add some flavor to your favorite dishes or drinks; they pose some seriously good heart health benefits. And this is nothing new! People have been using plants, herbs and spices for thousands of years for the flavor—and medicinal—qualities they offer. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from nature.  Read More

On 2/28/2019