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5 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

It’s just one week until one of America’s favorite holidays. As you prep for the upcoming feast, we have some tips for making this Thanksgiving a healthier one for you and your family.  Read More

On 11/14/2017

Healthier Options for a Happy Halloween

Healthier Options for a Happy Halloween Dressing up, school parties, costume parades and trick-or-treating—these are the reasons Halloween tops the list of many kids’ favorite days. While no one wants to ruin this spooky and sugary celebration, with all the health concerns surrounding sugar and the poor diet habits of millions of Americans, can’t we find some ways to cut back on excess while still having fun?  Read More

On 10/24/2017

The Four Types of Cervical Curves

The Four Types of Cervical Curves If you’re a patient of chiropractic, you’ve heard how important your cervical curve is to your overall spinal health. The cervical curve consists of the first seven vertebrae in your spine, starting from the base of your skull at the C1 (atlas) vertebrae and ending at your thoracic spine.  Read More

On 10/12/2017

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

How Much Sleep Do You Need? No doubt you’ve experienced an afternoon energy crash, uncontrollable yawning or the simple desire to close your eyes and rest. It may be hard to stay awake, but it’s even tougher to manage the information we receive about sleep, the best way to get it and most importantly, how much we really need. And it seems we’re a sleepy bunch, a recent Gallup poll shows 40 percent of us get less than the current recommendation of seven to nine hours. Is that how much we really need?  Read More

On 9/26/2017

Exercise Safety Tips and Tricks

Exercise Safety Tips and Tricks For exercise enthusiasts, the thrill is in the challenge. When we push ourselves, we keep our daily routines fresh and engaging, and as we grow, we learn what the body is capable of with a little hard work and determination. That being said, always remember: safety first. Whether you’re just now learning the workout ropes or you’re a seasoned vet adding new exercises to your daily routine, keep it slow, smart and steady. Let’s explore some ways you can keep it safe during your workout!  Read More

On 9/21/2017

Paying Back Your Sleep Debt

Paying Back Your Sleep Debt We’ve been told since childhood how important it is to get a “good night’s rest," but did you know that not getting enough sleep can impact more than your energy levels?  Read More

On 9/06/2017

Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory

Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory Memories—easy to lose and hard to maintain, right? Of course, there are a ton of different strategies you can use to boost memory retention and sharpen your focus, including but not limited to exercise, smoking cessation, cholesterol management and more. But today, we’ll be going a different route… a delicious one! That’s right—food. It’s time to eat your way to a better memory! Here are some foods that can help you do it.  Read More

On 9/05/2017

7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Healthcare

7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Healthcare As a patient in any healthcare capacity, sometimes it’s easy to forget you are in charge of your own health. One of the most important aspects of patient care at Chiro One is making sure our patients know they are in control of their bodies, their health and their life. In fact, our doctors believe they are simply facilitators in the healing process—it’s you and your body that does the true healing work.  Read More

On 8/30/2017