An Exercise in Appreciation: Positive Qualities of Those Around Us (Day 9 to Unlock Your Full Potential) On Day 8, we took an introspective look into the power we have to control our own experiences, but on Day 9, we want to do something a little different. The road to achievement isn’t walked alone—your loved ones are often the pillars of support that hold you up when life gets hard. So, while you work on yourself over these 18 days, it’s also time to think about the people around you. (This doesn’t just need to be close loved ones! Think of your coworkers or other people you spend a lot of time with.)

When you take the time to tease out what you appreciate about your loved ones, you’ll not only feel better about your relationships, you’ll see them in a different light. You’ll feel less frustrated with qualities that used to irk you. You’ll give the benefit of the doubt more; feel more at peace; treat them better. And the more time you spend in this space of gratitude for those in your life, the happier you’ll be. It’s truly a symbiotic exercise.

Take a moment to write down the names of the people in your life who are important to you, listing their positive qualities and reasons why you love or appreciate them

Now that you’ve taken the time to think about the positive qualities of the people in your life, take massive action by letting them know what you appreciate about them. Write a letter, send a text, go for a cup of coffee. It may feel a little funny if you’re not one to do this, but we promise it’ll be life and relationship-changing.

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