The Best Workout Tools for Every Fitness Lifestyle The road to peak physical fitness is not one you have to walk alone! There are tons of resources that can help you on your fitness journey—from apps to gear to support and therapy. Here are some exercise boosters that’ll get you in the zone and keep you there.

Get In Gear!

Foam Roller

A great addition to your workout tool belt, a foam roller will help ease muscle tightness and improve circulation. Runners can use it during cool down to optimize recovery, and regular foam-rolling will break down knots in muscles that can otherwise limit range of motion. Careful not to overdo it!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be substituted for just about any exercise you would do with weights (bicep curls and butterfly press, for example) or to modify an exercise like side lunges. Best part? Resistance bands aren’t bulky or hard to handle.

There’s An App for That

Endomondo: iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone
An all-encompassing health app, Endomondo has real-time GPS tracking with workout features like auto-pause and audio feedback. It can even track your workouts and announce mile markers.

MyFitnessPal: iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone
MyFitnessPal boasts more than five million foods in their database and can also track exercise, water consumption and weight. Creating custom recipes is easy, too, and the app will keep track of recent foods as well as entire meals.

Spotify: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Looking for some good music to help you get your sweat on? Spotify has a bunch of popular playlists for the workout junkie with a passion for cool tunes. With playlists like “Beast Mode,” “HIIT-Pop” and “Run Wild” there’s something for everyone!

The Best Workout Tools for Every Fitness Lifestyle

Pillars of Support


Not only can regular chiropractic care help boost your physical performance and prevent and manage injury, it also improves the health of your nervous system. Combined with exercise, chiropractic can help alleviate aches and pains, improve overall body function and encourage your muscles to heal post workout! Win-Win-Win!


Experts recommend a quick meditation session before working out; it can help you focus your breathing, reduce your heart rate and decrease other signs of stress. It can also help you stretch and relax your muscles prior—a great way to prep for physical activity.


Recovery is a huge part of the fitness process; after all, tired muscles don’t work as well and are prone to injury. A thorough deep-tissue massage can relax your muscles, decrease tension, lower blood pressure and improve your range of motion.

Please be sure to discuss any additions to or changes in your exercise routine with your physician.