Patient Success Story: TMJ/TMD For those dealing with a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD), even simple tasks can be difficult. From chewing and speaking to working out or sleeping, TMD is an ever-present difficulty that can seriously impact quality of life. But there is hope! See what one of our Oak Brook patients had to say about how chiropractic care changed his entire life through TMJ pain relief!

“When I first came to Chiro One, I had been suffering with a stiff neck and TMJ for 6-7 years. Due to this issue, I had a lot of pain and a swelling jaw muscle. My jaw was clicking upon chewing food, and I wasn’t able to rotate my neck enough. My TMJ doctor gave me a retainer to wear.

My first experience with chiropractic happened a few years ago, but it didn’t really work out during that time. But today, with Chiro One, chiropractic has improved my quality of life. It has given me lots of relief for my neck pain and helped me improve my TMJ. I even got to quit wearing my retainer in two months instead of three!

Chiropractic changed my life—it changed my concept of healthy living.”

-K.G., Oak Brook Patient

Patient Success Story: TMJ/TMD

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