Patient Success Story: Pregnancy Did you know that chiropractic isn't only safe for pregnancy, it's beneficial? Pregnant women are often faced with difficult choices when it comes to the delivery of their baby, especially when there's an added complication such as breech (feet first) or transverse (sideways) positioning. Safe and widely used adjusting techniques, like the Webster Technique, can be used to help position the baby into the optimal, head-down position. All of our doctors are trained to adjust women during pregnancy and several have special pediatric and prenatal certifications.

Breech Baby Turned with Chiropractic, Just in Time for a Safe Delivery

"At 36 weeks pregnant, I found out that our baby had turned to the breech position. My OBGYN gave me two options: One, schedule an ECV (external cephalic version), where they manually spin the baby (50% success rate). Or two, schedule a C-section.

Neither of those options sounded appealing to me. I researched other options and found that many women had success with acupuncture and the Webster Technique/chiropractic. My husband had been coming to Chiro One for a few months and talked to Dr. Katrina about it. She was familiar with the technique and birthing in general.

Bailey, one of the team members at Chiro One of River North, was able to help me see Dr. Katrina quickly, since I had limited time before my doctor would make me choose one of those original options.

I had four adjustments in four days, coupled with five acupuncture treatments (and prayer), and our baby turned!! We found out the good news on Christmas Eve.

I continued to get two adjustments a week until my delivery. Dr. Katrina also served as my doula and was extremely supportive in ensuring my birth experience went smoothly.

My goal was to have our baby with no/limited interventions and praise God that happened. Since giving birth, I've had several adjustments and will continue to make my chiropractic health a priority.

We ended up having a girl and she's even had a few adjustments from Dr. Kat! I can't thank Chiro One enough for helping me deliver our daughter, Hope, safely into this world!"

- Carol V., River North Patient

Patient Success Story: Pregnancy

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