Patient Success Story: Disc Problems Today we have a powerful testimonial from one of our Schaumburg West patients. This patient had been experiencing pain, numbness and tingling due to a disc herniation in her neck. While she was hesitant to begin chiropractic care, she quickly saw a reduction in symptoms once starting her adjustments and therapies.

Severe Pain Caused by Disc Herniation Dramatically Reduced with Chiropractic Care

“I came to Chiro One with cervical disc herniation along with pain, numbness and tingling. My symptoms first began in April 2015. I was experiencing severe shoulder blade and mid back pain. I also had tingling and numbness in both arms, and hands on and off.

I tried medications, steroid injections, three months of physical therapy and massage. Before coming to Chiro One, I was skeptical and unsure about chiropractic.

I am still undergoing chiropractic treatment, but to date, it has dramatically reduced my symptoms. It has given me hope that I may someday return to feeling “normal” and have days with no pain.

I am still in the process of learning and trusting chiropractic care. With the support of Dr. Kristie and her patience and caring, I hope to have complete confidence at the end of my journey.

I still have work to do, but Dr. Kristie’s confidence and compassion has given me the strength and trust to believe that I will recover and in turn, I am feeling better than I have in 10 months.”

- M.A., Schaumburg West Patient

Patient Success Story: Disc Problems

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