Patient Success Story: Cancer Pain Cancer has touched too many families in the United States and around the world. Treatment can be long and it's almost always incredibly painful. Side effects can be felt for years. Chiropractic is one the options recommended by Cancer Treatment Centers of America to help cancer patients cope with pain and the lasting effects from treatment and surgery.

"I had the opportunity to talk to a fine lady in Jewel on a day I had no more hope to get better [due to] the pain my body was experiencing at the time.

The pain began four years ago, after facing cancer and several surgeries. My life changed a lot in terms of ability to cope with daily life. I tried medications, injections, physical therapy and diets.

Prior to joining Chiro One, I had always been very skeptical about the way it's done; I had heard [negative] stories from random people.

Since I've started care, it has helped me tremendously in terms of regaining the ability to move and strengthen my arms. My legs have also benefited. I can honestly say my health [has changed], I have less pain and my ability to move around has improved about 60 percent since I started treatment.

Thank you for the excellent service and care given to me by all staff members. You've helped me believe and experience hope for a better life."

- N. Smith, Oak Brook Patient

Patient Success Story: Cancer Pain

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