Two Patients Get Their Lives Back From Chronic Migraines An estimated 80-90 percent of people will experience a headache during at least one point in their lifetime. With a percentage that high, chances are you’ve probably had one. No fun, right? But for some people, headaches are a constant. Their frequency and intensity can be absolutely devastating, greatly affecting quality of life, and medications only cover up the symptoms. Luckily, chiropractic care can address the root of the headache problem in order to eliminate repeat attacks. See how the lives of these two patients, both suffering from chronic headache and migraines, changed after coming to Chiro One.

“To not have headaches every day opens the door to doing so many things”

“I first started coming to Chiro One because I was suffering with daily headaches and a tight neck. My symptoms started in 2005 when I was sitting at a computer more often. I was experiencing daily pain and concentration problems due to the headaches and my strained neck. I tried many over–the–counter medications but they weren’t helping much.

After one adjustment, I knew I wanted to continue working with my chiropractor. Now I can’t live without chiropractic. I keep up with maintenance, but I also know when I need an extra adjustment.

To not have headaches every day opens the door to doing so many things that would’ve just aggravated me before. Right now, the only time I get headaches is when I don’t get enough sleep.

I understand now that with a healthy nervous system, your body will just function better.”

- Bolingbrook Patient

Two Patients Get Their Lives Back From Chronic Migraines

One Patient’s Relief After a Lifetime of Failed Pain Management

“I’ve had migraines since junior high, but over the years, they had gotten more frequent—and I even developed chronic neck pain. I tried many different medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, diet changes and stress management techniques like meditation and yoga, but nothing helped.

I knew chiropractic was valuable, but I knew that offices could vary drastically in quality. After coming to Chiro One, I can say that I’m happy to be here. My neck pain has diminished and the frequency of my migraines has decreased. Even my posture has improved!

I look forward to seeing continued improvements!”

- Schaumburg West Patient