Patient Success Story: ADD/ADHD Today we bring you a story of a long-time Evanston patient who was on countless medications and getting sicker by the day. Discover how chiropractic turned things around for him.

"I've been dealing with chronic pain for most of my life. In 5th grade, I was on and off crutches and even spent several months in a wheelchair because my heel pain was too great. I had a lot of inflammation where my ligaments and tendons meet the joints, causing severe joint pain. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and put me on pain meds. The anti-inflammatory they put me on (which was later pulled off the market) sent me to a heart specialist because my resting heart rate was over 120. I was then put on a different medication. In Jr. High, I was also diagnosed with clinical depression, so I was put on anti-depressants. At this point, I was on three medications before I even entered high school.

As I got older, I was taking 2400 mg of ibuprofen per day, steroids for joint pain, Enbrel injections, an immunosuppressant, ADD medication and anti-depressants. The medications broke down my immune system so horribly that I was getting sick frequently and had to be on antibiotics often. I was in the hospital with staph infections three times in eight months.

All my health complications really decreased my quality of life. The pain kept me from doing as many physical activities as I wanted to. My ADD kept me hyper-focused on some aspects of my life leaving other parts of my life on the back burner. The depression affected my relationships because I had no drive to do things. I quit getting things done around the house.

Then I met the Chiro One team at the Shamrock Shuffle. I pushed my body to its limit at the time to run the 10K. I went through a great deal of pain to complete the race. That was the most I'd ever pushed my body and I assumed it would be a one-time event just so I could say I'd accomplished it after doctors told me in childhood, "I'd never be able to run like the other kids." The Chiro One screeners recommended I go to the Evanston office for an evaluation.

Patient Success Story: ADD/ADHD

Ten months after I started getting adjusted, I'm completely off medication. It's the first time in over ten years I can say that. The detox was hard. I still have some aches but it's manageable without pain pills. I'm more focused. I'm meeting more people because of the additional activities I've been able to participate in since getting my pain under control so my social life has improved.

I'm also more aware of my health because of the Chiro One staff. I'm eating better. I take appropriate vitamins and supplements. I've learned more about wellness in general. I constantly work to perfect things so it's great that I can ask questions and get answers from the knowledgeable, kind staff in Evanston. I'm even dealing with other health issues now that were previously overpowered by my bigger health concerns.

Chiro One has greatly improved my quality of life. I know I was created to serve but I was unable to do so to the degree I wanted to because of all my health problems. I now have more energy and my brain functions better. I'm able to explore a side of life I never thought I could. My dreams of climbing Mount Rainier, biking across the country and competing in an Iron Man are all feasible now. I will never quit coming to get adjusted. Maintenance care is so important. I never want to go back to the way I was living before Chiro One. I really appreciate the staff. The doctors are awesome. I'm so thankful."

Evanston Patient