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Get Clear: Ditch BPA-Free Plastics for Glass

Get Clear: Switch to Glass Containers Think you’re doing right by your family by making the switch to BPA-free plastics for water bottles and storage containers? Here’s what you need to know about BPA and why glass, instead of BPA-free plastic, is always your best bet.  Read More

On 4/02/2019

Common Household Chemicals Exposed

Common Household Chemicals Exposed Ever been scrubbing down the tub or kitchen floor when a headache suddenly strikes? Or have your eyes started burning and watering while using bleach to clean the toilet? There are reasons the back of common cleaning products are covered with warnings, cautions and alarming statements like “harmful or fatal” or “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”—but yet we still use them in our homes and around our children, pets and selves.  Read More

On 4/01/2019

11 Chiropractic Facts That'll Amaze You

11 Chiropractic Facts That'll Amaze You The number of those benefiting from chiropractic care continues to rise as more and more people discover the importance of good spinal health. If you’re a patient of chiropractic, you probably know a lot about what the therapy can do for you—but what about the profession itself? Here are some chiropractic fun facts you definitely didn’t see coming.  Read More

On 3/28/2019

Fatty Foods Are Stressing You Out

Fats are not entirely bad. Good fats tend to positively impact energy levels, protect the organs and provide warmth for your body. But what is the relationship between fats and stress?  Read More

On 3/27/2019

How to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

How to Help Your Kids Sleep Better It’s no secret that sleep is important for a growing body and mind. According to the CDC, children and adolescents who don’t get enough sleep have increased risk of diabetes, poor mental health, attention problems, injury and illness, and so much more.  Read More

On 3/26/2019

Boost Your Heart Health With the Mediterranean Diet

Boost Your Heart Health with the Mediterranean Diet Fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, legumes and olive oil are just a few of the components of the Mediterranean diet. This diet has been a trending topic recently, and research has revealed some important heart health benefits—one five-year study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that people who followed this diet had a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who ate a low-fat diet.  Read More

On 3/25/2019

How to Sleep on Your Side by Dr. Mike McGovern

How to Sleep on Your Side Side sleeping is one of the best ways to maintain optimal alignment of your spine. When you sleep on your stomach, you normally have to turn your head to one side and lift up one of your arms. When you sleep on your back, it’s impossible to maintain your lumbar curve.  Read More

On 3/21/2019

Fight Inflammation With Food!

Fight Inflammation With Food! An anti-inflammatory dietary plan may not be the trendiest around, but research suggests it can be incredibly beneficial to the body. Experts know that specific foods influence the inflammatory process, so following this plan can reduce your risk of disease and help keep your weight in check. Sound good? We thought so, too.  Read More

On 3/20/2019

A Natural Remedy for Sleep Apnea

A Natural Remedy for Sleep Apnea Here at the Be Well blog, we’ve put a lot of focus on the importance of quality sleep. It’s vital to overall wellness, giving the body a chance to recoup and heal from the activities of the day. It should be a relaxing experience, but for many, that’s just simply not the case. Around 50-70 million US adults suffer from a sleep disorder, and it’s estimated that 22 million of those struggle with sleep apnea specifically. Let’s take a look at this common condition and how chiropractic could help!  Read More

On 3/19/2019

How to Know if Your Produce is Fresh—and What to Buy Organic

How to Know if Your Produce is Fresh—and What to Buy Organic Each year, the Environmental Working Group releases their annual “Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen” list—a huge tip off for those looking to buy the most quality, pesticide-free produce available. Eating organically ensures you’re ingesting the smallest amount of pesticide possible, but for many, pricing options make an all-organic diet difficult—that’s where the mix and match method comes in!  Read More

On 3/18/2019