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The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise

The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise Let’s be honest—stress is a part of life. When times get tough, it’s hard to wind down. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been super stressed out with work or there’s some stuff going on in your personal life. Whatever it is, life can be fast and difficult, and sometimes, our bodies and minds just need a little extra help. Here’s something you can do to help yourself relax on those particularly hard days.  Read More

On 11/27/2018

Meal Prep 101: Tips and Hacks

Meal Prep 101: Tips and Hacks Sharing ways to eat healthy is a passion of ours. We’re all about giving our patients—and loyal readers—the tools they need to lead a life of health and well-being. Today we’re sharing some quick and easy tips to make your food prep routine easy as pie.  Read More

On 11/26/2018

What’s the Deal with Vertigo?

What’s the Deal with Vertigo? As much as 35 percent of American adults over the age of 40 have experienced a vestibular disorder—and the biggest offender? Vertigo. For those who’ve experienced it, or currently are experiencing it, vertigo can greatly impact daily life, making a sufferer sick, tired and unable to go through their day. How do you deal with it? How can you get your life back? Let’s take a look.  Read More

On 11/21/2018

Why It’s Good to Feel Nostalgic

Why it’s Good to Feel Nostalgic The holidays can often pull up the powerful feeling of nostalgia—those warm feelings mixed with memories of people, places or times past. Nostalgia is not simply a memory of something, it’s a strong emotion felt about another time, place, experience, etc. For many, nostalgia is bittersweet and might bring about a sense of loss that time has passed, but also happiness and pleasure at the thought of the experience. While it can be difficult, at times, to experience this emotion—it can also provide your life with meaning, and research has shown it can have some other pretty incredible effects, too.  Read More

On 11/20/2018

12 Tips for Serving a Healthier Thanksgiving Feast

12 Tips for Serving a Healthier Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what that means—prep, prep and more prep! How do you get your meal on the table in time? How do you know if you’re making enough food? Most importantly… can you make it healthy and delicious? Of course you can! Check out these helpful tips for pulling off the perfect Thanksgiving.  Read More

On 11/19/2018

7 Complications of Unchecked Diabetes

7 Complications of Unchecked Diabetes In 2015, diabetes was ranked by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention as the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, making up for around 80,000 deaths over the span of a year—and that’s not even counting those whose diabetes may have contributed to their death. Many people don’t even know they’re suffering with the condition, and the complications that can result from not knowing, or even mismanagement, can be dire. If caught and treated soon enough, many—if not most—of these complications can be prevented. Here are just a few:  Read More

On 11/14/2018

Gratitude Traditions for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gratitude Traditions for Thanksgiving Dinner November is usually the time to think about gratitude and what it means in your life. Many people now participate in “30 Days of Thanks” on social media and others will take some time on Thanksgiving to think or talk about what they are thankful for. It’s important to keep gratitude in your life all year round, but it’s also great to spend time this holiday focusing on the good in your life.  Read More

On 11/13/2018

Is My Child Sick Too Often?

Is My Child Sick Too Often? Through the months of September and March, American families suffer a much higher rate of sickness and disease—especially kids. In fact, it’s estimated that between the ages of 0-6, little ones can get colds anywhere from 8 to 12 times a year (and adolescents about 2 times a year). But we think that’s still WAY too much. Here are some helpful things you can do to help your children fight off those sick days with the healthiest immune systems possible.  Read More

On 11/12/2018