Patient Success Story: Fibromyalgia
"I have lived with fibromyalgia and chronic back pain for nearly two decades. I felt unable to have a good quality of life because the pain was constant and extreme. Feeling depressed, desperate and in despair was the theme of my days. I didn't have much of a personal life, as it was difficult to do from a bed. Working or going and doing things that required much physical activity would often send me back to bed for days and even weeks.

Most of the time, it was challenging enough doing the daily basics of bathing, getting dressed, cooking, cleaning, shopping or taking care of my kids. All of which I was severely limited in doing. Pain and feeling disabled were my constant companions.

I had heard of chiropractic care and was interested but was unable to take advantage, as I didn't have insurance or resources that allowed for it. I resigned myself to a life of extreme pain, one limited in quality and isolation, as I became a prisoner of my bedroom. It seemed the best I could do was to mask the issues by using numerous pain medications over the years such as Dilaudid, morphine, Percocet, Vicodin, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills and others, as well as trying different injections.

All were temporary and did nothing to address the real issues or make changes to the overall quality of my life. Too often they left me feeling drowsy, at times a zombie, drooling on myself or falling asleep sitting up, irritable, frustrated at it all, not to mention, addicted to narcotics, which was devastating in itself. I tried one thing after another to no avail. One decade passed by and the second closing in.

Then, one day in the summer of 2015, I was shopping at Sam's Club and saw a Chiro One booth. I signed up, went through the diagnoses stages then began treatment. It was a life changer! From the first visit, I felt BETTER! Then, better and better each visit thereafter. Day by day, I felt less pain, had more energy, was more active and less depressed, plus stopped taking two pain medications (leaving just one, the [weakest] of the all).

Before beginning [at Chiro One], I had a lot of high pain days that meant several hours of bed time each day. Since starting, I've had two of those in eight weeks! Instead, I'm out living my life. I can now easily do all the daily basics that were so difficult before. I've joined several women's groups through my church and co-lead a couples group with my husband. I had a fully active summer of meeting with friends, swimming, concerts and traveling.

Patient Success Story: Fibromyalgia

At the beginning of fall, I went on a trip to Michigan for a women's retreat where I survived cabin beds, hiking, archery, dancing and zip lining! All with no down time when I got home. The change in my quality of life is remarkable. Even miraculous! I could never have imagined being able to do all these things just a few short months ago without suffering a great deal. It's been incredible and life giving.

I was impressed from the beginning at the amount of information I was given. The examination was thorough and a video gave great understanding about the spine with all its scientific information. I had numerous X-rays, leaving nothing to guesswork, and was given a plethora of other tests on my muscles and flexibility, plus, they had great information plastered all over the wall throughout the offices. Chiro One's approach made me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands, as they were very professional and clearly had my best interests in mind.

Dr. Jason has been a great doctor, very attentive to my issues and needs. His staff has been so warm, friendly and supportive. It's refreshing to be in a place where they care for the WHOLE person. Thank you, Dr. Jason and staff, for your help, kindness, patience, support and caring for my overall good. My quality of life has changed greatly in part to all of you! This has truly been answers to many prayers! I am blessed beyond measure by this experience."

- T.R., South Elgin Patient

Thank you, T.R., for sharing your powerful story.

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