Disc Pain: One Patient’s Move from Electric Shock Therapy to Conservative Care For those suffering with a slipped or bulging disc, it’s no secret that these issues can be the source of unbearable pain and life-altering limitations. Surgery, medication and other invasive therapies can sometimes seem like the only options, but when those methods offer no relief, it can be even more frustrating and painful. It’s time to start looking into some gentle, non-invasive care options like chiropractic. Check out this Chiro One patient’s amazing story; even after he tried treatment after treatment, he still never gave up, and this led him to a new life with chiropractic. See what happened next!

“I began chiropractic care for upper back pain and leg pain. The pain was shooting into the upper back from a slipped disc in my neck. This pain inhibited my ability to walk even short distances.

In the past, I had tried chiropractic many times. I found that the more “sophomoric” chiropractic treatments consisted of massages and hot towels along with physical exercises. Chiro One is different in that they not only provide physical therapy along with adjustments, but they provide structural goals that your body should achieve. I have also tried taking medication, getting shots in my lower spine, using special equipment and electric shock therapy, aquatic therapy and traction therapy.

Disc Pain: One Patient’s Move from Electric Shock Therapy to Conservative Care

Since beginning care with Chiro One, I don’t have shooting pain—just some stiffness, and I can now walk for miles without pain and fatigue. Since having less pain, I have more enjoyment and control of activities. I have a better quality of life in general.

Chiro One is a family-friendly environment and has a genuine concern for your overall wellness. They provide structural goals and guidelines that are monitored frequently!”

- Chiro One Patient