Chiropractic Care Provides Big Changes for this Little Patient This tiny patient’s story, as told by his mama, is a testament to the power of early-childhood adjustments and the benefits they can have on a developing body—plus, the benefits his mom and big bro experienced are pretty great, too!

“We originally decided to bring our son Wyatt (6 months) to chiropractic because of reflux and sleep regression. It was a recommendation by his pediatrician. Wyatt was born premature and always had reflux issues—we were concerned it was affecting his growth and vitamin intake. He always appeared to be uncomfortable and exhausted.

We tried other treatments like medication, prescription formula and holding him upright for a half hour after feedings. Before joining Chiro One, I was not an advocate [for chiropractic care], as I’ve not trusted them to do adjustments after I had decompression surgery for Chiari [a condition where brain tissue extends to the spinal cord]. But now? We love chiropractic, and Wyatt is a happy, healthy one-year-old.

Chiropractic care has helped Wyatt transition to eating better, sleeping through the night and navigating all the firsts—from rolling to cruising around. It has also helped Wyatt’s older brother with his allergies; he no longer has to take medication! It’s also helped me with my migraines.

Since starting at Chiro One, we have realized that there needs to be multiple approaches to staying healthy from our regular doctor, chiropractic, massage and nutrition. We have all come a long way.”

- F.E., South Elgin Patient

Chiropractic Care Provides Big Changes for this Little Patient