Childhood Congestion Cleared with Chiropractic For many parents, especially those who have not experienced it for themselves, the idea of chiropractic adjustments for their little ones can be daunting—how early is too early? Is it too forceful? Not at all! Chiropractic is a gentle and non-invasive therapy, and a developing body can reap many benefits from care. Check out how it helped this little patient with his chronic cold symptoms.

“When Billy first came to Chiro One, he had been congested and couldn’t get rid of a cold for months. He had been getting sick since fall of 2016 with a constant runny nose and congestion. Then, he fell and hit his head, so that pushed us to seek care.

Before chiropractic, we’d been using differing types of oils to help him. My husband didn’t think Billy needed chiropractic care—he thought he would get “cracked” like adults. I, myself had been seeking chiropractic for years, but we weren’t entirely sure how Billy would be adjusted and if he would tolerate it.

Since starting care, Billy is less congested. His runny nose was completely cleared after about three or four visits. He is no longer sick all of the time and he really enjoys coming to see Dr. Jill. Now, Billy and his sister both see Dr. Jill, and we are very satisfied.”

- C.L., Oak Brook Patient

Childhood Congestion Cleared with Chiropractic