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7 Allergy-Fighting Foods

7 Allergy-Fighting Foods While the best all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms is chiropractic (in our humble opinion, of course), there are some ways you can decrease your stuffy-achy-itchy-watery-yucky symptoms with some good ol’ snacks and meals. Sounds way more fun than popping an antihistamine, right? We agree.  Read More

On 4/29/2019

Clean Eating: Getting Started

Clean Eating: Getting Started You’ve probably heard the term “clean eating” but what does that really mean? No sauces or gravies? No pesticides or preservatives? The definitions and ideas about this healthy lifestyle can vary, but here’s what we think you need to know:  Read More

On 4/25/2019

Controlling Your Delicate pH Balance Through Diet

A sophisticated dance is happening inside the body when it comes to pH balance. A measure of how acidic or alkaline the blood is, pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” The amount of acid in our blood can vary depending on different factors, such as food choices and the ability of organs to filter carbon dioxide out of the body. When pH balance is too far out of whack, the body experiences stress that can lead to health issues. It’s a complex process, but your diet is one of the ways you can influence your delicate pH balance.  Read More

On 4/23/2019

The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes

The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes Think you’re doing the right thing by drinking diet soda instead of regular? The bad news is diet soda boasts some serious downsides. Sugar-free substitutes, like aspartame, Splenda and Stevia can actually harm you and your diet more than you realize.  Read More

On 4/11/2019

Fatty Foods Are Stressing You Out

Fats are not entirely bad. Good fats tend to positively impact energy levels, protect the organs and provide warmth for your body. But what is the relationship between fats and stress?  Read More

On 3/27/2019

Boost Your Heart Health With the Mediterranean Diet

Boost Your Heart Health with the Mediterranean Diet Fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, legumes and olive oil are just a few of the components of the Mediterranean diet. This diet has been a trending topic recently, and research has revealed some important heart health benefits—one five-year study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that people who followed this diet had a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who ate a low-fat diet.  Read More

On 3/25/2019

Fight Inflammation With Food!

Fight Inflammation With Food! An anti-inflammatory dietary plan may not be the trendiest around, but research suggests it can be incredibly beneficial to the body. Experts know that specific foods influence the inflammatory process, so following this plan can reduce your risk of disease and help keep your weight in check. Sound good? We thought so, too.  Read More

On 3/20/2019

How to Know if Your Produce is Fresh—and What to Buy Organic

How to Know if Your Produce is Fresh—and What to Buy Organic Each year, the Environmental Working Group releases their annual “Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen” list—a huge tip off for those looking to buy the most quality, pesticide-free produce available. Eating organically ensures you’re ingesting the smallest amount of pesticide possible, but for many, pricing options make an all-organic diet difficult—that’s where the mix and match method comes in!  Read More

On 3/18/2019

The Milk Myth: How Dairy Does More Harm Than Good

The Milk Myth: How Dairy Does More Harm Than Good Remember those iconic milk ads from back in the day? They featured high-profile celebs from Michael Jordan to Dr. Phil, Batman to Beyoncé, sporting cute milk mustaches alongside that signature catchphrase—“got milk?” The campaign was huge, working its way seamlessly into pop culture. It also reinforced what our own families were telling us at the dinner table. “Milk does the body good,” or “Milk makes your bones strong.” Many people grew up sure of that. But today, as we find more and more information on lactose and dairy products, one thing’s becoming clear: milk may not be the dietary hero we once thought it was.  Read More

On 3/14/2019