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9 Health and Wellness Quotes to Inspire You

9 Health and Wellness Quotes to Inspire You Finding and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle can be tricky. Nutrition, exercise, therapies like chiropractic and other healthy habits like good sleep hygiene and stress management are great places to start. The choice to adopt healthier habits is a big decision, but remember, you and your body are worthy of the best care possible.  Read More

On 4/23/2018

9 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes About Gratitude and Mindfulness

9 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes About Gratitude and Mindfulness With Thanksgiving only a few days away, there’s no better time than the present to talk gratitude. Sometimes life gets busy, things get in the way and the first thing on your mind might not always be thankfulness; and that’s OK. Here are some great quotes to help ease you into that Thanksgiving spirit. Remember, most of the time, the biggest gift you can give those important to you is your appreciation and time.  Read More

On 11/21/2017

How to Encourage Kids’ Charitable Spirit

How to Encourage Kids’ Charitable Spirit Events like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes bring the needs of others to the forefront for many families. The unfortunate abundance of natural disasters in our world gives parents lots of opportunity to instill a philanthropic spirit at home. But for families looking to make charity part of everyday life for themselves and their children, giving to others needs to happen throughout the year. Try a few of our pay-it-forward tips to help others and grow a family full of giving hearts. Read More

On 7/27/2016

Looking Back on 2015: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Looking Back in 2015: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
We’re looking forward to starting a new year, and we hope you are, too! Get into a habit of regularly reflecting on your life and giving gratitude for yourself, your loved ones, experiences and even your trials and tribulations—in those moments we often learn the most. Sometime over the next couple of days, answer these questions below for yourself and take a moment to look back over the year before you close the book on another chapter.  Read More

On 12/31/2015

Health Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness

Health Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness
There’s always some buzz about random acts of kindness—great, heart-warming videos out on the Internet or sites devoted to sharing stories of people bringing happiness and warmth to a stranger’s day. The act of spreading kindness can do as much for you as it can for someone else—but sometimes the line is blurred between what constitutes an actual act of kindness and what’s just common courtesy. First, let’s talk about some of the great benefits of 'paying it forward.'  Read More

On 12/14/2015

5 Ways to Give Back

5 Ways to Give Back
For many of us, the holidays are a time of plenty: Gatherings and parties to attend, gifts to be given and received, delicious meals to be had and laughter and love shared. Even if you don’t have a lot, there are many, many more that have less. As you enjoy this holiday season, think about some ways you can give back to your community and others who are less fortunate than yourself. There is an abundance out there—share it! Read More

On 12/07/2015

Embracing Change

Embracing Change
Change is an inevitable part of life; sometimes it’s exciting and sometimes it’s scary. Change can be worrisome when it’s out of your control—like a death in the family, an unexpected job loss or a health problem. And sometimes even when you choose change, like making a career switch, moving into a new home or embarking on a lifestyle change, it can still be quite an adjustment. But mindfully opting to embrace life’s twists and turns gives you the opportunity to add richness and vibrancy to your life. Take on changes with an open mind and willing spirit and welcome into your life:  Read More

On 7/07/2015

Mary Had a Dream...

Mary Had A Dream…
The year was 1958—four years after the Supreme Court ruled on the landmark case Brown vs. Board of Education, unanimously agreeing that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional—and a young 17-year-old African American woman by the name of Mary Tinker ignited her dream: to get a college degree. Read More

On 7/05/2015

Are You Strong Enough to Handle Success

Are You Strong Enough to Handle Success
What happens when people truly reach our vision, “that all human beings discover their full potential?” When we discover our full potential and begin working toward it, we end up in this place called, “success.” For most, achieving success is everything we’ve ever dreamt of—however, it can come with an unexpected and unwelcome side effect. This ugly entity has a name. It is called, “The Critics.” Read More

On 6/03/2015