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Drop the Diet; Love Your Lifestyle

Quick fixes and fad diets are not the way to go when you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off. If you’re committed to changing how you look and feel, one of the best ways to get the results you want is to change your lifestyle, especially your eating habits. Read More

On 8/26/2014

How to Start ‘Eating Clean’

How to Start Eating Clean
There’s been a lot of talk about ‘clean eating’ or ‘eating clean’—and hopefully this movement is here to stay.Talk about ‘clean’ foods began to crop up in the mid-1990’s; this was right when people began to question their food products, ingredients and sources, and health foods stores started popping up and gaining more customers. Now the term has become more commonplace—and rightfully so. While there aren’t hard and fast rules to follow, per se, there are some definite guidelines to know. Read More

On 2/04/2014

All About Cooking Oils

All about Cooking Oils
Which oil is your go-to when cooking? You may be surprised to learn some misconceptions about cooking with oil—especially when it comes to an oil’s smoke point. Read our rundown of the different oils and their smoke points, and then choose the best option for your next dish.  Read More

On 10/09/2013

Foods You May Not Know

Foods You May Not Know!
Ever been at the grocery store or seated at a restaurant and found a food you’ve never seen or heard of before? Whether it has a strange name or is unfamiliar looking, it might be something you’d love. Jot down a few of these that look interesting or take this list with you next time you shop—you’ll bring home something new and exciting! Read More

On 9/11/2013

Nuts about Seeds

Nuts about Seeds
Although they weren’t sprinkled on Greek yogurt or salads back then, nuts and seeds have been an important source of nutrition as far back as 10,000 years ago. Anthropologists believe ancient civilizations harvested them regularly due to their energy content, predictable growth patterns and long storage lives. The Ancient Romans gave the gift of honey-covered almonds at weddings; this sweet tradition evolved into sugared almonds or “Jordan almonds,” which are still given as wedding favors today. Read More

On 9/02/2013