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Two Patients Reclaim Their Lives from Debilitating Back Pain

Patient Success Stories: Back Pain and Injuries As chiropractors, the most common condition we treat in our offices is back pain. We’ve seen so many patients find relief from debilitating back pain and injuries through gentle, drug-free chiropractic adjustments and therapies. Check out some of their stories.  Read More

On 7/08/2019

Post-Surgery Patient Says Goodbye to Chronic Neck Pain

Patient Success Story: Neck Pain Next to back pain, neck pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our offices. As experts in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are an ideal choice for evaluating and treating neck pain. If you know someone who is unnecessarily suffering from neck issues, share this post to show them relief is possible!  Read More

On 7/01/2019

How to Survive Your Desk Job

How to Survive Your Desk Job Every job comes with its own set of health hazards, no matter what profession. And we’re not only referring to manual labor or other forms of highly physical work. A profession that many people don’t think about in regards to their health? Office work! Just because it’s low impact doesn’t mean there aren’t risks—and trust us, there are risks. Let’s take a look at the kind of health problems that can come with working in an office environment as well as some solutions!  Read More

On 6/24/2019

5 Ways to Stop the Midday Slump

5 Ways to Stop the Midday Slump Ever feel your energy level take a big dip right after lunch? Sometimes, even when you felt refreshed and energized in the morning, you start to drag in the early to mid-afternoon. But don’t worry, there is hope! Test out some of these tricks to avoid the afternoon slump and finish out the rest of your day like a champ.  Read More

On 6/10/2019

5 Easy Ways to Manage Stress Better

5 Easy Ways to Manage Stress Better Stress today, unfortunately, has become synonymous with everyday life. We’re all juggling crazy schedules and it seems that the technology created to make our lives easier has also made our lives busier. It’s a lot to manage, so take some time to re-adjust and re-evaluate. Here's how you can do it!  Read More

On 5/06/2019

Taking Care of Your Little Athlete

Taking Care of Your Little Athlete Over the past 22 consecutive years, participation in high school sports has been on the rise. And it’s estimated that three out of four American families with school-aged kiddos have at least one playing an organized sport! Undoubtedly, it’s great that kids are more active out on the court and on the field, but with all that activity, there comes, of course, the risk of injury.  Read More

On 5/02/2019

Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: Relief without Meds or Surgery

Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: Relief without Meds or Surgery Anyone with leg or foot pain knows the toll it can take on daily life. Without the ability to get around painlessly, everyday tasks can be impossible and things you used to love become a struggle. If you’re suffering from constant pain in your lower extremities, just know that you’re not alone. Check out these patient stories about leg and foot pain and relief—found without medication or surgery.  Read More

On 5/01/2019

Chiro 101: Common Chiro Myths Debunked

Chiro 101: Common Chiro Myths Debunked So, you’re telling a loved one about chiropractic—how much it’s helped you, how much you love it—and they’re just not getting it. Frustrating, but honestly, it happens a lot; our healthcare system has trained folks to think a certain way about conservative care, however, it’s important that we learn to overcome that bias, person to person. Here are some common objections and the information you need to talk them through.  Read More

On 4/24/2019