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How to Sleep on Your Side by Dr. Mike McGovern

How to Sleep on Your Side Side sleeping is one of the best ways to maintain optimal alignment of your spine. When you sleep on your stomach, you normally have to turn your head to one side and lift up one of your arms. When you sleep on your back, it’s impossible to maintain your lumbar curve.  Read More

On 8/19/2019

New Mom Finds Relief After Painful Post-Birth Complications

New Mom Finds Relief After Painful Post-Birth Complications Pregnancy is one of the biggest physiological and psychological changes the human body can undergo. Even post-delivery, recovery isn’t always simple. After a c-section, this patient, also a valued Chiro One team member, could barely move. Here’s how she found relief with chiropractic care.  Read More

On 7/17/2019

How to Create the Perfect Sleep Space

How to Create the Perfect Sleep Space Let’s be real—there’s no better feeling in the world than being all burrito’d up in your favorite comforter, snoozing away the stresses of the day. However, bigger things are at play during the night than comfort! Sleep helps maintain a healthy immune system, balances appetite, regulates hormones, repairs muscle, restores brain function and sets us up for success in the waking hours. And yeah, while life is busy and sometimes sleep is hard to come by, it’s crucial you catch the proper ZZZs. If you’re having trouble, here are some helpful tips for creating an optimal sleep space!  Read More

On 6/05/2019

The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise

The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise Let’s be honest—stress is a part of life. When times get tough, it’s hard to wind down. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been super stressed out with work or there’s some stuff going on in your personal life. Whatever it is, life can be fast and difficult, and sometimes, our bodies and minds just need a little extra help. Here’s something you can do to help yourself relax on those particularly hard days.  Read More

On 5/15/2019

Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: Relief without Meds or Surgery

Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: Relief without Meds or Surgery Anyone with leg or foot pain knows the toll it can take on daily life. Without the ability to get around painlessly, everyday tasks can be impossible and things you used to love become a struggle. If you’re suffering from constant pain in your lower extremities, just know that you’re not alone. Check out these patient stories about leg and foot pain and relief—found without medication or surgery.  Read More

On 5/01/2019

Just a Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar

Just a Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar Love the taste or hate it, apple cider vinegar has some pretty incredible health benefits. Made from fermented apples, research on this potent liquid has revealed promising results, including combating insulin and glucose spikes in type 2 diabetics, not to mention aiding weight loss. It can also soothe a sore throat and may relieve other symptoms of the flu, like nasal congestion and cough. Read on for some more reasons why you should add it to your health routine.  Read More

On 4/30/2019

6 All-Natural Acne Treatments

6 All-Natural Acne Treatments When it comes to acne, there is no quick fix. A certain treatment may work for one person but not another. Body chemistry is complex and each person’s make-up is different. Acne can be incredibly hard on a person’s self-confidence, so not having a guaranteed solution is frustrating. But there are plenty of soothing, chemical-free treatments you can try, whether you need to reduce inflammation, add moisture or boost bacteria-fighting properties. We’ve rounded up six all-natural acne treatments that could help you. Will they be your blemish cure-all? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure—your skin will thank you!  Read More

On 4/16/2019