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The Wellness Woman: Perfume Substitutes

The Wellness Woman: Perfume Substitutes Even if you can’t name the brand, you can probably remember exactly what your mother’s perfume smelled like when you were a kid. Our sense of smell is linked with memory even more so than our other senses. We have very emotional responses to scent, biologically and socially, so of course we care about what we smell like. Something we should probably care a little more about? The chemicals we’re putting on and in our bodies for the sake of a signature scent. Here’s how you can go all-natural with no worry!  Read More

On 4/10/2019

What’s Hiding in Your Kitchen May Hurt You

What’s Hiding in Your Kitchen May Hurt You You may select whole foods and put careful thought into preparing healthy meals for your family. But did you know that everyday items in your kitchen have the potential to make your family sick? Don’t risk it. Learn about common places toxins lurk in your kitchen and how to limit your family's exposure.  Read More

On 4/09/2019

Get Clear: Ditch BPA-Free Plastics for Glass

Get Clear: Switch to Glass Containers Think you’re doing right by your family by making the switch to BPA-free plastics for water bottles and storage containers? Here’s what you need to know about BPA and why glass, instead of BPA-free plastic, is always your best bet.  Read More

On 4/02/2019

Common Household Chemicals Exposed

Common Household Chemicals Exposed Ever been scrubbing down the tub or kitchen floor when a headache suddenly strikes? Or have your eyes started burning and watering while using bleach to clean the toilet? There are reasons the back of common cleaning products are covered with warnings, cautions and alarming statements like “harmful or fatal” or “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”—but yet we still use them in our homes and around our children, pets and selves.  Read More

On 4/01/2019

The Basics on Essential Oils

The Basics on Essential Oils Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree… many people have made essential oils part of their everyday beauty, cleaning or wellness routine. In fact, essential oil sales in the U.S. have boomed over the last few years to nearly half a billion dollars annually. If you haven’t given them a shot yet—or even if you’re a devoted user—check out some of the basics on essential oils and a few interesting things you may not have known.  Read More

On 1/22/2019

Chlorine: The Clean Chemical?

If you live in the United States, you’ve most likely taken a dip in a chlorinated pool at some point or another—if not every summer of your life. Not only that, if you had a glass of tap water today, you probably drank some chlorine. The general population seems to have accepted that chlorine is safe, but newer studies are indicating that harmful effects may result from this common chemical.  Read More

On 7/11/2018

Is Your Produce Out to Get You?

Is Your Produce Out to Get You? Not all produce is created equal! In fact, some fruits and veggies (when conventionally grown) can contain up to 70 different pesticides per serving. It’s always better to go as organic as possible, but if you’re on a budget, sometimes all-organic just isn’t in the cards—and how are you even supposed to know which produce items are safe or not? We’re here to help you pick and choose!  Read More

On 4/10/2018

Produce 101: Farmers Markets and Beyond

Produce 101: Farmers Markets and Beyond How many times as a child did you hear, "eat your vegetables!"? While that’s still something you should be doing (at least seven servings a day), it’s important to understand what happens in between planting those seeds and getting to your dinner table.  Read More

On 7/27/2017

Should You Stop Buying Canola Oil?

Should You Stop Buying Canola Oil? Pop “canola oil” into Google and you’ll find an entire stream of contradictory information. Some websites and well-known health-conscious companies will tout the benefits of canola oil, while other prominent health experts will tell you, in no uncertain terms, “Stop using it!”  Read More

On 2/02/2017