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The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes

The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes Think you’re doing the right thing by drinking diet soda instead of regular? The bad news is diet soda boasts some serious downsides. Sugar-free substitutes, like aspartame, Splenda and Stevia can actually harm you and your diet more than you realize.  Read More

On 4/11/2019

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

It's just a couple weeks until one of America's favorite holidays. As you prep for the upcoming feast, we have some tips for making this Thanksgiving a healthier one for you and your family.  Read More

On 11/05/2018

6 Holistic Home Remedies that Work

6 Holistic Home Remedies that Work We’ve all heard little tips and tricks for home remedies—you know, those interesting or long-held beliefs like swallowing a spoonful of sugar to get rid of hiccups or sipping chicken soup for a cold? It’s great to avoid medication and a trip to the doctor when you can, but do these actually work? We can’t be 100 percent sure they’ll work for everyone, but why not give them a try—when needed—to learn if these holistic remedies work for you?  Read More

On 5/02/2018

Stop Eating Fat-Free Food

Stop Eating Fat-Free Food The low-fat craze hit in the late 1980s—some pinpoint a particularly distressing issue of TIME from March 1984 for sounding the alarm on cholesterol and fat, stating: “Cholesterol is proved deadly, and our diet may never be the same.” It wasn’t long after that food companies saw a great opportunity and began manufacturing all kinds of fat-free and cholesterol-free products. Enter: SnackWells, WOW! Chips (Olestra, anyone?), Slim-Fast, Egg Beaters, reduced-fat Jif, margarine, fat-free cheese and pretty much low-fat anything and everything.  Read More

On 4/26/2018

Ditch the Diet Soda

Ditch the Diet Soda
We’re sure you’ve heard the warning: Diet soda (or pop!) is not good for your health—but do you know why? Learn what’s really in your can of pop, some of the dangers associated with these ingredients and why you should avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Read More

On 1/27/2014

Straight Talk about Sugar

Straight Talk About Sugar
We get it. Sugar tastes good. But the more we learn, the more we understand that the effect sugar has on our bodies isn't worth its delectable deliciousness. This taste bud favorite now tops our list of foods to avoid for overall health and wellness. And it's not just about your waistline. Intrigued? You should be. Read More

On 3/13/2013