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Just a Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar

Just a Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar Love the taste or hate it, apple cider vinegar has some pretty incredible health benefits. Made from fermented apples, research on this potent liquid has revealed promising results, including combating insulin and glucose spikes in type 2 diabetics, not to mention aiding weight loss. It can also soothe a sore throat and may relieve other symptoms of the flu, like nasal congestion and cough. Read on for some more reasons why you should add it to your health routine.  Read More

On 4/30/2019

Heart-Healthly Superfoods for Men

Heart-Healthly Superfoods for Men Lists of must-have superfoods have been popping up all over the health and wellness world—and for good reason. Each year, experts learn more about the specific benefits a variety of foods offer the body. Supplementing your weekly menu with these powerhouses helps take your health to the next level! We've gathered some easy-to-access, well-known superfoods that greatly impact heart health, as well as some other common conditions. While all the foods below are excellent choices for either gender, these foods are particularly great for men (don't forget to check out our superfoods menu at the bottom!):  Read More

On 2/06/2019

The All-In-One Hydration Cheat Sheet: Part Two

The All-In-One Hydration Cheat Sheet: Part Two Yesterday, we talked about how to spot the signs of dehydration and a variety of ways to properly hydrate. Today, it’s all about benefits. What are you getting from being hydrated? Short answer: a whole lot. Regular water consumption does so many positive things for your overall health and wellness that it’s almost too hard to count. Check it out!  Read More

On 1/15/2019

The All-In-One Hydration Cheat Sheet: Part One

The All-In-One Hydration Cheat Sheet: Part One It’s estimated that at least 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Yes, 75 percent. That’s a whole lot of people, and the effects of dehydration on the body, especially over a long period of time, are no joke. Is your body getting the water it needs?  Read More

On 1/14/2019

Slow Down Your Life (and Don't Feel Guilty)

Slow Down Your Life (and Don't Feel Guilty) If your to-do list trails to the ground, you’re not alone. It seems that people are only getting busier—but why? We’ve had this incredible surge in technology to make life easier and decrease the amount of time spent on tasks—but no one really seems to be capitalizing on the free time it creates, they’re just filling the gaps with more things to get done.  Read More

On 1/08/2019

Is My Child Sick Too Often?

Is My Child Sick Too Often? Through the months of September and March, American families suffer a much higher rate of sickness and disease—especially kids. In fact, it’s estimated that between the ages of 0-6, little ones can get colds anywhere from 8 to 12 times a year (and adolescents about 2 times a year). But we think that’s still WAY too much. Here are some helpful things you can do to help your children fight off those sick days with the healthiest immune systems possible.  Read More

On 11/12/2018

Back-Friendly Tips for Yard Work

Back-Friendly Tips for Yard Work Yesterday, we shared some of our best summer safety tips, and included in this was a look at gardening safety! Now it's time to go into more detail, because whether you love it, hate it or feel impartial to it, yard work is a part of most adults' lives. It's important to take the proper precautions against muscle strain.  Read More

On 7/17/2018

If You Do Nothing Else, Get Strong

If You Do Nothing Else, Get Strong
Most of us know resistance training should be part of our exercise routine, but do we really know why? The fact is strength training is crucial to health and wellness and everyone can and should be doing it—not just athletes or bodybuilders. Increased muscle strength allows you to function at a higher level in all areas of your life. Check out the mighty big benefits of getting strong. Read More

On 4/13/2016