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A Quick Way to Help Your Achy Back

A Quick Way to Help Your Achy Back So many of us sit for a living. Every day we're at our desks for hours at a time, hunched over the computer—head down, shoulders slumped. Sure, there are super-fit types who sit on a giant balance ball while working and amazing multi-taskers who have treadmill desks in their office! But for the rest of us regular folks, we need an easy, inexpensive way to take a break, care for our backs and improve our postures. Brugger’s Relief Pose is the answer.  Read More

On 7/10/2018

The Four Types of Cervical Curves

The Four Types of Cervical Curves If you’re a patient of chiropractic, you’ve heard how important your cervical curve is to your overall spinal health. The cervical curve consists of the first seven vertebrae in your spine, starting from the base of your skull at the C1 (atlas) vertebrae and ending at your thoracic spine.  Read More

On 6/14/2018

The Importance of Your Cervical Curve

The Importance of Your Cervical Curve How many times have you been told to sit up straight? It turns out Mom was right; sitting up straight is good advice indeed. Hunching your shoulders and keeping your head down while working, studying, reading or texting isn’t just bad for posture, it can actually reduce the healthy curve in your cervical spine. Get in the loop about why the body has—and needs—this important curve.  Read More

On 6/06/2018

The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise

The Ultimate Relaxation Exercise Let’s be honest—stress is a part of life. When times get tough, it’s hard to wind down. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been super stressed out with work or there’s some stuff going on in your personal life. Whatever it is, life can be fast and difficult, and sometimes, our bodies and minds just need a little extra help. Here’s something you can do to help yourself relax on those particularly hard days.  Read More

On 7/19/2017

Why am I always hungry?

Why am I always hungry?
If you just finished a three course meal and find yourself rummaging through the fridge for more to eat, it could signify something more serious than just a desire to snack. It isn’t always a cause for concern, but in today’s blog, we’ll share the things you should be looking out for and what to do to curb those cravings. Read More

On 5/09/2016

How to Harness Healthy Stress

How to Harness Healthy Stress At first glance, healthy stress may seem like an oxymoron—but it’s true, stress can be healthy for you in certain doses and certain situations. Your body was built to create responses to stress, and this has been one of the keys to survival—but what good can it do for us in modern times? Turns out, more than you may think.  Read More

On 6/22/2015

Ergonomic Lifting Tips

Ergonomic Lifting Tips
Many Americans perform physical labor at work and don’t use proper lifting techniques—which can often end in injury. Learn why lifting properly is critical to avoid injury and some simple ergonomic lifting tips to start using right away. By utilizing these simple tips and choosing chiropractic care, you can likely increase your production and comfort at work and more importantly, your quality of life. Read More

On 8/27/2013

Controlling Your Delicate pH Balance Through Diet

Controlling Your Delicate pH Balance Through Diet
A sophisticated dance is happening inside the body when it comes to pH balance. A measure of how acidic or alkaline the blood is, pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” The amount of acid in our blood can vary depending on different factors, such as food choices and the ability of organs to filter carbon dioxide out of the body. When pH balance is too far out of whack, the body experiences stress that can lead to health issues. It’s a complex process, but your diet is one of the ways you can influence your delicate pH balance. Read More

On 6/19/2013