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Fuel Your Fitness: What to Eat Pre- and Post-Workout

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Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory

Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory Memories—easy to lose and hard to maintain, right? Of course, there are a ton of different strategies you can use to boost memory retention and sharpen your focus, including but not limited to exercise, smoking cessation, cholesterol management and more. But today, we’ll be going a different route… a delicious one! That’s right—food. It’s time to eat your way to a better memory! Here are some foods that can help you do it.  Read More

On 5/22/2018

Stop Eating Fat-Free Food

Stop Eating Fat-Free Food The low-fat craze hit in the late 1980s—some pinpoint a particularly distressing issue of TIME from March 1984 for sounding the alarm on cholesterol and fat, stating: “Cholesterol is proved deadly, and our diet may never be the same.” It wasn’t long after that food companies saw a great opportunity and began manufacturing all kinds of fat-free and cholesterol-free products. Enter: SnackWells, WOW! Chips (Olestra, anyone?), Slim-Fast, Egg Beaters, reduced-fat Jif, margarine, fat-free cheese and pretty much low-fat anything and everything.  Read More

On 4/26/2018

Exercise vs. Food for Weight Loss—What’s More Effective?

Exercise vs. Food for Weight Loss—What’s More Effective? So… weight loss. The process is unique for each person. No one can say for sure how different lifestyle changes may affect an individual body, but there are certain things we do know. With the help of a trained medical professional, it’s entirely possible to discover a promising path to weight-loss success while still caring for your body’s needs. A healthy, balanced diet and exercise are a MUST for weight loss, right?  Read More

On 4/25/2018

How to Start Meal Prepping

How to Start Meal Prepping What’s one of the biggest complaints about healthy eating? No time! And let’s be honest—convenience is just… well, convenient. It’s a lot easier to roll through a drive-thru on your way home from a hard day at work than it is whip up a labor-intensive, healthy meal. However, that kind of lifestyle can take a really dangerous toll on the body; you deserve to feel your best, and good nutrition is key to good health. That’s where meal prepping comes in. Let’s break down the most important parts and pieces of this helpful health practice.  Read More

On 4/19/2018

Your Gut Health Go-To: Keeping the Biome Healthy with Food

Your Gut Health Go-To: Keeping the Biome Healthy with Food Gut health—it’s been a major topic of discussion across the health and wellness world for the past few years, and talk isn’t slowing down any time soon… and for good reason! Let’s take a look at why a healthy gut can do the whole body good and ways you can maintain it with food.  Read More

On 4/18/2018

Feel Better with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Feel Better with Anti-Inflammatory Foods An anti-inflammatory dietary plan may not be the trendiest around, but research suggests it can be incredibly beneficial to the body. Experts know that specific foods influence the inflammatory process, so following this plan can reduce your risk of disease and help keep your weight in check. Sound good? We thought so, too.  Read More

On 4/17/2018

Top Supplements You Should Be Taking

Top Supplements You Should Be Taking With fads in everything from food to fashion to fitness, it’s sometimes difficult to know where the “truth” really lies. Supplements are here to stay, and here are the ones we recommend incorporating into your daily diet.  Read More

On 4/16/2018

Ditch Your Workplace Hanger

Ditch Your Workplace Hanger For many Americans, food is the last thing on our minds at work—it’s even estimated that less than 20 percent of American workers regularly step away for lunch. After all, tasks don’t complete themselves, and money makes the world go ‘round, right? But ignoring your own needs, especially where food is concerned, can have a drastic impact on your productivity. To give your best performance, you’ve got to take care of yourself, and you can start with keeping some healthy snacks on hand! Here are some of our best recs.  Read More

On 4/12/2018

The Meat of It: Decoding Meat and Poultry Labels

The Meat of It: Decoding Meat and Poultry Labels When it comes to meat and poultry, you’ve probably heard more than one of these terms: antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-fed, free-range, organic, natural. But what do they actually mean? What’s regulated and safe? What’s the healthiest choice? Let’s take a look into these classifications so you can make the smartest choices for you and your family next time you stop by the butcher’s!  Read More

On 4/11/2018

Is Your Produce Out to Get You?

Is Your Produce Out to Get You? Not all produce is created equal! In fact, some fruits and veggies (when conventionally grown) can contain up to 70 different pesticides per serving. It’s always better to go as organic as possible, but if you’re on a budget, sometimes all-organic just isn’t in the cards—and how are you even supposed to know which produce items are safe or not? We’re here to help you pick and choose!  Read More

On 4/10/2018