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Healthy Foods to Feed Your Hungry Team Post Game

Healthy Foods to Feed Your Hungry Team Post Game After a big game, your kids are hungry and ready to devour anything. You’d think it’s easier to just pack up the team and head to the local fast-food restaurant to pick up a quick but calorie-dense, cholesterol-heavy bite or two! We’d rather help you stay on the right track and introduce you to a few healthy snack ideas in lieu of fast food. You’ll also help your little tykes out by presenting them with healthy eating choices, which they’ll carry on throughout their lives. We’ve come up with a few food ideas they can nosh on. (Remember to go organic whenever possible and always wash your produce well!)  Read More

On 8/29/2018

4 Healthy Lunches for Little Ones

4 Healthy Lunches for Little Ones Folks are starting to pay more and more attention to the foods placed in front of today’s youth. Huge outcries to change lunchroom foods have resulted in the new standards for federally subsidized school lunches.  Read More

On 8/22/2018

Seeking Options with ADHD

Seeking Options with ADHD ADHD is a condition that can affect children and adults alike—and many who are diagnosed truly need treatment or relief from the symptoms. But in recent years, there has been a huge surge in the amount of ADHD diagnoses, and this has people questioning if the ability to test for this particular health issue has improved or if people are being over diagnosed.  Read More

On 8/15/2018

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids?

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids? For many folks, a hot (or cold!) cup of coffee is the perfect way to jump start their morning. In fact, 80 percent of American adults drink caffeine daily, but it’s not only adults these days. Caffeine has found its way into the candy, snacks and desserts favored by kids and young adults, too. What are the ramifications of this stimulant on growing bodies? Should parents be concerned? We have the answers!  Read More

On 8/02/2018

5 Water-Rich Summer Treats

5 Water-Rich Summer Treats Not all of your daily water intake has to be through water itself. A good 20 percent of your water should come through food! However, it’s important to keep in mind, not all foods are created water-rich equal. Let’s take a look at some summer treats that’ll keep you cool, refreshed, and most importantly, hydrated, all summer long.  Read More

On 7/23/2018

7 Allergy-Fighting Foods

7 Allergy-Fighting Foods While the best all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms is chiropractic (in our humble opinion, of course), there are some ways you can decrease your stuffy-achy-itchy-watery-yucky symptoms with some good ol’ snacks and meals. Sounds way more fun than popping an antihistamine, right? We agree.  Read More

On 7/12/2018

Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory

Brain Food: The Secret to Better Memory Memories—easy to lose and hard to maintain, right? Of course, there are a ton of different strategies you can use to boost memory retention and sharpen your focus, including but not limited to exercise, smoking cessation, cholesterol management and more. But today, we’ll be going a different route… a delicious one! That’s right—food. It’s time to eat your way to a better memory! Here are some foods that can help you do it.  Read More

On 5/22/2018