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How to Start Journaling

How to Start Journaling Back in the day, we’d all spend time writing things by hand. Many people as young kids or even adults would keep a journal, but as the digital age has stretched on, we’re taking pen to paper less and less. While in many ways this change is certainly convenient, there are things we’re missing by not taking the time to record our thoughts, goals, gratitude and aspirations by hand. We’ll help you get started, but first, let’s go through some of the benefits!  Read More

On 9/18/2018

10 Ways to Create a More Fulfilling Relationship

10 Ways to Create a More Fulfilling Relationship Relationships are one of the most, if not the most, important parts of life. Developing, maintaining and working on those crucial relationships—especially the relationship with your partner—should be a lifelong endeavor. They affect your happiness, stress levels and health. So what can you do to ensure you’re creating healthy relationships in your life? Quite a bit.  Read More

On 5/30/2018

6 Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Moving All Summer Long

6 Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Moving All Summer Long Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means—it’s time for a break in the routine! For some, this can mean weeks of unstructured kid time and struggling to fill the long days. No worries, because we’re here to help. It’s the perfect season to keep kids active (and increase your own fitness level as well!), so make a deal with the little ones; this summer will be the healthiest and most fun one yet! Start a brainstorming session as a family to come up with activity ideas. Here are some fun ones to help you get started!  Read More

On 5/28/2018

9 Health and Wellness Quotes to Inspire You

9 Health and Wellness Quotes to Inspire You Finding and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle can be tricky. Nutrition, exercise, therapies like chiropractic and other healthy habits like good sleep hygiene and stress management are great places to start. The choice to adopt healthier habits is a big decision, but remember, you and your body are worthy of the best care possible.  Read More

On 4/23/2018

9 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes About Gratitude and Mindfulness

9 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes About Gratitude and Mindfulness With Thanksgiving only a few days away, there’s no better time than the present to talk gratitude. Sometimes life gets busy, things get in the way and the first thing on your mind might not always be thankfulness; and that’s OK. Here are some great quotes to help ease you into that Thanksgiving spirit. Remember, most of the time, the biggest gift you can give those important to you is your appreciation and time.  Read More

On 11/21/2017

5 Habits of Endlessly Happy People

5 Habits of Endlessly Happy People Ask (most) anyone what they want out of life and you’ll likely hear “to be happy.” When people talk about attaining happiness, it always sounds like something you’ll find one day—if and when everything aligns just right. You know what we’re talking about:  Read More

On 5/04/2017

Slow Down Your Life (and Don't Feel Guilty)

Stop Your Relaxation Guilt If your to-do list trails to the ground, you’re not alone. It seems that people are only getting busier—but why? We’ve had this incredible surge in technology to make life easier and decrease the amount of time spent on tasks—but no one really seems to be capitalizing on the free time it creates, they’re just filling the gaps with more things to get done.  Read More

On 1/19/2017

Looking Back on 2018: 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

Take time at the end of this year to reflect on your experiences, goals, accomplishments, highs and lows, challenges and more over the course of 2018. Sometime over the next couple of days, answer these questions below for yourself and take a moment to look back over the year before you close the book on another chapter.  Read More

On 12/29/2016

How to Encourage Kids’ Charitable Spirit

How to Encourage Kids’ Charitable Spirit Events like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes bring the needs of others to the forefront for many families. The unfortunate abundance of natural disasters in our world gives parents lots of opportunity to instill a philanthropic spirit at home. But for families looking to make charity part of everyday life for themselves and their children, giving to others needs to happen throughout the year. Try a few of our pay-it-forward tips to help others and grow a family full of giving hearts. Read More

On 7/27/2016