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Are My Headaches Normal?

Are My Headaches Normal? Since almost half of the world’s adult population has experienced a headache at one point in their lives, we tend to think it isn’t a big deal. We pop a painkiller, take a nap, massage our temples and keep moving. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to live like that.  Read More

On 9/19/2018

How to Fix Bad Posture

How to Fix Bad Posture A lot of people think bad posture is mostly how you look—and that’s not unreasonable. It’s noticeable, right? It’s the difference between looking tired vs. alert, and for some, confident vs. uncomfortable. But there’s so much more going on with bad posture than what meets the eye.  Read More

On 9/10/2018

Your 2018 Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Your 2018 Cold and Flu Survival Guide October is the official start of cold and flu season, lasting all the way through May. And it’s estimated that at least twice a year, the average American adult gets sick twice—that number is way higher for the kiddos.  Read More

On 9/06/2018

Seeking Options with ADHD

Seeking Options with ADHD ADHD is a condition that can affect children and adults alike—and many who are diagnosed truly need treatment or relief from the symptoms. But in recent years, there has been a huge surge in the amount of ADHD diagnoses, and this has people questioning if the ability to test for this particular health issue has improved or if people are being over diagnosed.  Read More

On 8/15/2018

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids?

Is Caffeine Bad for Kids? For many folks, a hot (or cold!) cup of coffee is the perfect way to jump start their morning. In fact, 80 percent of American adults drink caffeine daily, but it’s not only adults these days. Caffeine has found its way into the candy, snacks and desserts favored by kids and young adults, too. What are the ramifications of this stimulant on growing bodies? Should parents be concerned? We have the answers!  Read More

On 8/02/2018

Why Does Your Spine Get Misaligned? By Dr. Mike

Why Does Your Spine Get Misaligned? By Dr. Mike From the day you were born, and even before then, your spine had subtle misalignments. The way you were positioned in the womb wasn’t perfectly symmetrical. The birth process doesn’t help either, as doctors struggle to get you in the right position so you can come into the world and say, ”Hi.”  Read More

On 7/30/2018

Helpful Tips for All-Natural Headache Relief

Helpful Tips for All-Natural Headache Relief Suffering from chronic headaches? Chiropractic care is here to help, directly addressing headache problems by correcting subluxations in the spine. But what do you do in the meantime for relief? Here are 7 all-natural, holistic headache remedies to help you out.  Read More

On 7/24/2018

7 Allergy-Fighting Foods

7 Allergy-Fighting Foods While the best all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms is chiropractic (in our humble opinion, of course), there are some ways you can decrease your stuffy-achy-itchy-watery-yucky symptoms with some good ol’ snacks and meals. Sounds way more fun than popping an antihistamine, right? We agree.  Read More

On 7/12/2018

The Buzz on Bug Spray

The Buzz on Bug Spray With so many days spent outside in the summer months, it’s pretty much prime bug-biting time. And these bites aren’t just itchy and irritating—they also run the risk of contracting some pretty serious diseases and illnesses. Protection is a must! Here’s the buzz on bug sprays, both traditional and natural alternatives.  Read More

On 7/09/2018